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How to Bring Your Courses and Community to a Mighty Network

Here's a summary of our best, step-by-step resources for moving your courses and/or community to a new Mighty Network.

By Gina Bianchini

February 14, 2024

2 min read

First, welcome! It’s great to have you here.  

There are a TON of reasons why people start a Mighty Network, but here are a few that we see again and again. We see a creator who:

  • Has an existing following via Instagram, YouTube, or a podcast and wants to launch their own community, online courses, or a membership site.  

  • Has a Facebook Group and wants to migrate it somewhere new or offer a special “VIP” community or program outside of their Facebook Group

  • Runs an online course on one platform and their course community on another that they want to bring together in the same place–all under their brand. 

  • Has a static website and an email list that they realize can be turned into something so much more dynamic and awesome if they shift it into becoming a community.  

If you want more support in building your online community, come join OUR Mighty Community for free and meet other new and established community owners! We’d love to meet you. Join for free!

If any one of these scenarios describe you, then you are most definitely in the right place!

What’s special about a Mighty Network?

Mighty gives you the the power of cultural software, letting you bring together content, community, courses, and commerce. It's all under your brand, and instantly available on every platform–the web and mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

This means that your community on a Mighty Network gets more valuable to every member with each new person who joins. Not only do you have 100% access to each and every one of your members (unlike, ahem, other platforms), but a Mighty Network is designed to spark connections and conversations between your members, so they build relationships with each other, not just you.  

What’s the best way to explore a Mighty Network?

A Mighty Network is easy to learn. Start with 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a Mighty Network for free. Step 1 is simple: create a new Mighty Network.

  2. Start your 14-day Free Trial. If you’re looking to set up a Mighty Network as your website, for your community, for your online courses, or for your digital business, you’re going to want to start our 14-day free trial for The Business Plan. 

  3. Follow the Mighty Checklist. One of best parts of a few Mighty Network is the Mighty Checklist that lives in your new Mighty Network. It’s a step-by-step checklist with pre-built articles, polls, and even an icebreaker question, so you can start inviting a few folks in quickly. Trust us, your members are going to love it.

If you want more detail, be sure to check out our ULTIMATE guide for building an online community.

Ready to start building your community?

Start Your Own Mighty Network Today!No credit card required.


Join Mighty Community

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