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Virtual Events

5 Alternatives to Run the World

If you’re looking for a Run the World alternative, in this article we’ll introduce you to 5 options.

By The Mighty Team

February 23, 2024

7 min read



    It’s a great time to be hosting a virtual event or conference. More and more people have experienced one and some people are even more comfortable with a virtual event than a live one.

    But a great virtual event needs a great platform. And chances are, in looking for an event platform, you’ve come across Run the World.

    Run the World is a virtual event platform that gives users the features to run integrated virtual events: things like round-table discussions, panels, ticketing and registration, and 1:1 speed networking.

    But it has some limitations. First and foremost is the cost, which can be prohibitive. Even the “free” plan takes 15% of your ticket sales: if you sold 100 tickets to a virtual event at $20/ticket, you’d be paying a $300 fee to Run the World. That’s a pretty hefty bill for a platform, especially when there are cheaper alternatives.

    And with other limitations, including a lack of community features, you might be looking for an alternative to Run the World. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 5 alternatives that will make your next virtual event a great one.

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    1. Mighty Networks

    Best for bringing virtual events and community together

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live Streaming - Miami

    Mighty Networks is a powerful, cultural software platform that gives you an awesome set of features for hosting live events. It comes built-in with live streaming. Audience members can chat and comment during the live stream.

    Or, if live streaming isn't your thing, Mighty Networks also gives you a full event scheduling option that comes with a Zoom integration built in. You can schedule and customize your events, and community members can RSVP, ask questions in advance, and continue the discussion after. It's great for anything from webinars to round-table discussions.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Achievement Academy SingleEvent Paired Dark

    The best thing about a Mighty Network is that it gives you the option to build an amazing community around your event. This means you can bring people together, charge for an ongoing membership, and continue the discussion long after the event is over. With a built-in forum, all member messaging, and customized member profiles, it gives your virtual event participants a way to get more engaged and make real connections that last.

    You can charge in your home currency, post recordings after the event, and keep in touch with your members in between.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - MC - Mastermind EventSeries Paired Light

    The best thing? Mighty Networks gives you all these event features for a fraction of the price of Run the World. Starting from only $41 a month, you have everything you need to build great virtual events and a community along with them. Or, if you’re an established brand and want to run your events on a totally white-label app under your own name – check out what Mighty Pro can do for you!


    • Built-in Zoom integration

    • Native live streaming

    • Interactive discussion forums

    • Group chat and messaging

    • Breakout Spaces (each with their own event options, forums, & messaging)

    • Member profiles

    • Customized branding & landing page

    • Notifications & automatic email updates

    • Available on the web or native apps

    • Completely white-label option

    • Payments, plan creation, and bundling

    Start Your Free Trial

    2. Convene

    Best premium hybrid event-only builder


    Convene started as a platform for hosting live, in-person events. They specialized in helping people find an event venue in several major cities, setting up the rental, and offering help to produce the event.

    While they still do this, during the pandemic they branched out their business model to create a hybrid event platform. The virtual side of the events is created on their own platform, and they come with your own producer and team members to help pull the event off.

    For people who want to rent one of their spaces and host a hybrid event, Convene is a great option.

    The only downside is that it's way more expensive, starting from $5,000 for a 2-hour event and going up from there. An all day conference would probably cost you $25,000. Depending on your budget, this might not work. But if you want a super high-quality, high-ticket conference that has an in-person component, it might be a great choice.


    • Producer & tech support

    • Branded event site

    • Video editing

    • Production graphics

    • Green room

    • Live chat

    • Breakout sessions

    • Analytics

    • Control room & production team

    • Live stream speaking and panels

    • 30-day event playback

    3. Bevy

    Best for corporate conferences

    Bevy is another alternative to Run the World. It’s a corporate conference platform that gives you the tools to host, you guessed it, a corporate conference. As with Convene, Bevy used to focus primarily on live events and recently switched.

    Bevy comes with a custom page builder for event landing pages, chat functions, breakout rooms, and some event community features. It has also tried to replicate some of the neat parts of an in-person event, with things like sponsor booths and a virtual lobby.

    You can stream your event over social media with Facebook and YouTube integrations, and it comes with analytics so you can tell where people spend their time.

    The only setback to bevy is that it's also pretty expensive. If you want to get its best features, including unlimited attendees, networking tables, live streaming, and the virtual lobby, you will need to get the conference plan – which starts from $25,000. But if you are representing a corporation with a big budget, Bevy is a good option.

    Features (Conference Plan)

    • Breakout rooms

    • Auto check-ins

    • White labeling

    • Virtual lobby

    • Chat & DMs

    • Agendas

    • Facebook & YouTube integration

    • Sponsor booth

    • Analytics

    4. Aventri

    Most similar features to Run the World


    Aventri is a virtual event platform that has a very similar set of features to Run the World. It has a good conference platform that comes with breakout rooms and sponsor booths. Like Run the World, it also has a 1:1 networking meeting scheduler. It comes with a chat engine as well as live polls, Q&A's, and the virtual lobby too.

    The best part about Aventri is probably the marketing features that come with it. It gives you a website builder to create a custom landing page for your event, has email marketing and attendee management on board, and even comes with a budgeting feature to help you plan your event spending. These make it a pretty great contender for an alternative to Run the World – especially if you’re hosting a one-off event and don’t need ongoing community features.


    • Conference platform

    • Live streaming

    • Breakout rooms

    • Speaker management

    • Sponsor booths

    • Marketing features

    • Q&A + Polls

    • Analytics

    5. Hopin

    Hopin is the last alternative to Run the World we’ll include on this list. It's an event platform that lets you build live, virtual, and hybrid events. For live events, it has some of the management features needed like the option to print tickets and badges.

    On the virtual side, it has multiple live streaming stages, a virtual lobby, recordings and replays, and breakout rooms. Hopin also has created what they call a live stream studio, that you can use to customize some of your presentation and tweak the production of the event.


    • Virtual lobby

    • Mobile apps

    • Recordings and replays

    • Breakout rooms

    • Live streaming and concurrent video sections

    • Group and private messaging

    • Analytics

    Ready to start?

    In the end, each of these Run the World alternatives has something for a different kind of event. Some are built to host massive corporate conferences with high budgets. Some are built to host intricate hybrid events. And some are built to create amazing events and merge them with a community that lasts.

    If that last one describes what you’re looking for, come give Mighty Networks a try for free! It's a platform that lets you build beautiful live events, but also gives you the power to mix it with an ongoing community. Ultimately, the ability to keep the conversation going and the relationships strong after the event and until the next one makes an event community magical.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    So if you are ready to build a community you can charge for, choose to bundle and sell your events and memberships in a whole bunch of different ways, and give your members access anywhere from either the web or a beautiful mobile app, come check us out!

    Ready to start building your community?

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