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How to Migrate From Teachable in 2024 (and where to go)

If you're ready to move on from Teachable, here's how.

By The Mighty Team

February 17, 2024

6 min read



    Teachable is a solid course platform when it comes to creating an asynchronous course–pre-recorded, that is–and building a landing page to sell it.

    But when it comes to modern course platforms, Teachable is still missing a lot of features. With limited options for live streaming and cohort courses, no real community options, and limited apps (iOS only), a lot of Teachable users are looking for something more robust.

    If you’re in that boat, this guide is for you. In this article, we'll walk you through how to migrate from Teachable… and give you some ideas for where to go.

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    Reasons to migrate from Teachable

    We talked about this in the intro, but here are some of the limitations Teachable users bump up against:

    • Limited options for live courses

    • Limited community options

    • Limited app access

    • A pretty clunky LMS

    • Limited live events

    Bottom line, a lot of the people who start on Teachable outgrow it. They are running their course on Teachable, running a community on Facebook, running events with Zoom, and trying desperately to hold it all together with email.

    Modern course platforms offer all this and more in one place.

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    How to migrate from Teachable

    1. Figure out your needs

    We talked about the limitations above. If you're planning to migrate from Teachable, make a list of what your non-negotiables are.

    • What are the limitations you're seeing?

    • What do you want to offer but can't?

    Start creating a wish list for your new platform. Don't forget, you can get your current students engaged in the process too. Offering a poll or survey, especially with a gift card attached, can get you some valuable feedback about what's working and what's not.

    If you want to, you can include a question about whether or not people are likely to follow you if you migrate to a new platform. But if you're noticing the limitations of Teachable, trust your gut. A new platform will give you opportunities to grow in new ways.

    2. Choose your platform

    The next step is deciding where to move to. This means finding an online course platform that lets you do everything you've dreamed of doing.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    Here are some of the features you can look for:

    • The option to teach live courses and/or live stream

    • A solid LMS for asynchronous courses

    • A community platform that includes discussions, chat, messaging, and member profiles

    • Virtual event capabilities to add things like office hours or group coaching

    • Flexibility to customize it to reflect your brand

    Fantastic apps for every device

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Discovery Course

    Here are some options to choose instead of Teachable:

    • Mighty - We’ve got a solid course platform that works great for pre-recorded or cohort courses. Plus a best-in-class community platform built-in, with live events, live streaming, member profiles, discussion forums, chat and messaging, and a fantastic app for EVERY device. Start Your Free Trial

    • Thinkific - For creators who like the static nature of Teachable for a pre-recorded course, Thinkific offers a good replacement. It has a great LMS with some good course marketing features but is limited for live courses, communities, and events.

    • Kajabi - Kajabi is another good choice for a totally asynchronous course. It’s got a solid LMS with a really good marketing platform attached to it – build landing pages, integrate email, and up and down-sell. Like Thinkific, Kajabi is limited when it comes to live events and cohort courses. It’s also the most expensive option on this list.

    3. Transfer content

    Once you've set up your account with the new platform, you can figure out what you want to transfer to the new space and what to leave behind.

    A lot of people who migrate an online course or community choose to upload an existing pre-recorded course or digital downloads. If you simply bring in the resources from your current Teachable account, it’s a quick and easy way to populate your new platform.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - MC Courses Paired Dark

    You could also choose to add more goodies, which might coincide with what we'll talk about below–getting your current members excited about moving.

    Start Your Free Trial

    4. Invite your members

    Invite your current members!

    If people have paid for a Teachable course already, sending them a link to register on a new platform should be easy. Make sure they know that they'll get easier access and extra value from moving.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Members Paired Dark

    5. Host a launch event

    When it comes to migrating from Teachable, the nuts and bolts of a new platform are pretty simple. You don't need to sweat that too much.

    What's more important is to get people excited and build momentum for your new space. And what better way than to host a launch event?

    Faux Brands - EventSeries

    Hosting some sort of launch event in the new space brings people together, and gives them a reason to register and log on. It helps make a more natural transition than if you simply emailed to say – "the course is now live on a new platform."

    You got the new platform to get over the limitations of Teachable. So get creative about using it!

    Here are some ideas for a launch event:

    • A special speaker series

    • Teaching some or all of the course live

    • Bonus lessons or discussions

    • Informal events like networking sessions or game nights

    Make sure to communicate the extra goodies your members will get from the new space. Here are some neat options:

    • Office hours

    • Weekly Q&A's

    • Opportunities for project feedback (from you and other members)

    • A chance to meet like-minded people

    • Built-in accountability

    6. Close your Teachable account

    This is an important step, so we need to say it. If you want to encourage people to move to your new platform, you need to actually close your Teachable account.

    If you keep it open forever, people don't have much incentive to move. And DEFINITELY don't keep cross-posting between Teachable and your new platform. If you want your migration to be a success, you need to pull the plug at some point.

    Give your students a grace period. Give them some time to migrate. But set a deadline, and stick to it.

    7. Keep in touch with lost members

    If you find that you lose members in migration, and it is possible, don't stress about it too much. This is normal. They may have got the value they wanted from your course on Teachable and are willing to disconnect now.

    But do keep in touch with them. Let them know what's going on in your new space via email, and keep giving them opportunities to connect.

    8. Start growing!

    Chances are, one of the reasons for leaving Teachable was to access more growth. So get ready to grow your student base!

    You can create marketing materials around your move, offer tickets or memberships to launch events, or offer sales to get new members in the door.

    Don't be afraid to reuse your old material to your advantage, especially as a selling point. For example, you might choose to teach a completely new course live. But you may offer your old course as a "bonus." Totally cool.

    Find ways to grow your course community and lean into it!

    Ready to start?

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