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Mighty Networks vs LearnWorlds (2024 Comparison)

Which of these is the right platform for your course and/or community?

By Mighty Team

April 30, 2024

6 min read



    Mighty Networks is a course and community platform that consistently holds the top spot in G2’s rankings. LearnWorlds is a relatively new online learning software, but the creators have combined a powerful website builder with a solid LMS for teaching.

    In this article, we’ll compare Mighty vs LearnWorlds, focusing on how each rates for community, courses, and apps.

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    Mighty Networks vs LearnWorlds: Comparison chart



    Mighty Networks

    Comprehensive Community Platform

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Discussion Forums

    Icon checked
    Icon checked

    Member Profiles

    Icon checked
    Icon checked

    AI Community Building

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Native Live Events

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Native Livestreaming

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Asynchronous Courses

    Icon checked
    Icon checked

    Native Live Courses

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Email Software

    Basic Native Email

    Built-in ConvertKit Integration

    App Included with Every Plan

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Branded Community Apps

    Icon not checked
    Icon checked

    Branded Course Apps

    Icon checked
    Icon checked

    App Development Process

    Build Your Own

    We Build It

    LearnWorlds vs. Mighty Networks


    Mighty Networks is rated the #1 community platform by the review site G2. With its “people magic” approach to community, Mighty is at the cutting edge of features and automation for online communities.

    Here are some of the key features:

    • Discussion forums, video content, text & articles, polls, livestreaming, and more built-in.

    • Built-in live events (choose from native livestreaming or Zoom integration), with landing pages, RSVPs, and event discussions.

    • Sell memberships, bundles, events, courses, and more as stand-alone products in 135 currencies

    • Integrated community AI with Mighty Co-Host™ that can instantly create your community and brand identity, landing pages, and member profiles. It can also prompt discussions, introduce members, and outline courses!

    • Beautiful, intuitive community apps for every device.

    • A built-in ConvertKit integration for email marketing.

    • Lots of free support in the Mighty Community! (It’s free to join!).

    Start Your Free Trial

    Mighty Networks - Challenge Fam - Feed Paired Dark

    LearnWorlds does have a community feature, but it’s extremely limited–a retro discussion forum.

    • You can organize conversations by public or private spaces, with posts, upvotes, liking, and link-sharing.

    • BUT There’s NO native community video and a 20 MB attachment limit.

    • The community is also missing native live events and livestreaming–LearnWorlds suggests a workaround with different integrations.

    LearnWorlds Community 2

    Which is best for community?

    There’s no comparison: if you’re interested in community, don’t choose LearnWorlds. It’s not a modern community platform–there are dozens of other platforms that are better.

    The best feature is the totally-customizeable Space option--to build in the community features you need (and leave off the ones you don't).

    Here's a space in a Mighty Network:

    Mighty - Dynamic Spaces GIF

    "As a host, Gina Bianchini and her team LISTEN!! I'll say that again, THEY LISTEN TO THE HOSTS! So over the last 6 years they have been asking us what we want and making changes to the platform in response to what the hosts, our communities and our members need. Yeah, that's cool!" Verified G2 Review of Mighty Networks

    Try Our Community Name Generator

    Our AI engine is here to help you create a community name that feels like magic. Just share a few words about who your community is for and we’ll get to work.

    Examples: coaching clients, meditation novices, vegan chefs, dog lovers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.

    The names generated by Mighty Co-Host™ are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. For more information, check our Terms.


    If you’re looking first and foremost for a platform to build and sell courses online (and not a community), this is the most important part of the comparison. Because both LearnWorlds and Mighty have different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to figure out which is right for your business.

    Here’s the breakdown.

    Mighty Networks

    Mighty Networks has a simple but powerful course-builder built-in.

    • The course platform has an intuitive visual LMS that easily builds courses with audio, video, text, PDFs, etc.

    • Unrivaled engagement features, each course space can hold discussion forums, live events, livestreaming, student DMs and messaging, and comments and discussion on each lesson.

    • Integrated AI features like auto course outlines, instant landing pages, and the “make it better” text editor.

    • Advanced content features like dripping, assessments, and analytics.

    • Courses can be packaged into bundles with things like community, private groups, coaching, and/or live events.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Livestream Paired Light

    Mighty is better at live courses. We’ll get into the things LearnWorld does best below, but Mighty is better designed for live courses.

    • Livestream directly from a course space to desktop or mobile, with multi-speaker view and viewer comments. (LearnWorlds doesn’t have native livestreaming).

    • Host videos and content for passive income–and charge a premium for a live course experience.

    • Automatically drop your course recordings into the LMS.

    Mighty - Live Cohort Courses

    If you want to run a cohort course business or even want the option to go live and sell the recordings afterward, Mighty is the better choice. It has the native live features LearnWorlds doesn’t.


    LearnWorlds - Course Manager

    LearnWorlds has more features for creating and selling a standalone pre-recorded course:

    • Good LMS with AI enhancements, lots of learning and content options, SCORM compliant, and with flexible delivery options (e.g. drip, custom paths, etc.).

    • Great interactive video features. Unlike the community features, LearnWorlds has built good features into its course platform: tables of contents, interactions, and transcripts tagged to the video.

    • Drag-and-drop course website builder with 400+ templates, quick website creation, intuitive editing, and built-in code editor for customization.

    • Built-in marketing tools for building funnels, adding an affiliate program, or selling bundles.

    LearnWorlds Page Builder

    LearnWorlds has a suite of great features for building courses (although some of the best are only available on the most expensive plans)

    The bottom line…

    When it comes to a course business, the right platform will probably depend on your business model. Are you building a live course experience? Or are you building a pre-recorded course?

    Choose Mighty for…

    • A course + community platform that integrates seamlessly

    • Native live teaching and live streaming features (teach live + sell the recording)

    • Better engagement features throughout the course (tagged to community features like live events, discussions, messaging, etc.)

    Choose LearnWorlds for…

    • A great course platform for pre-recorded courses with a complex toolset for delivering an asynchronous experience

    • Integrated website-building and comprehensive marketing systems


    Finally, we’ll compare each of these platforms with their approaches to apps. Both LearnWorlds and Mighty Networks offer a branded app, which we’ll compare in a minute.

    But there’s one important thing to mention first.

    LearnWorlds doesn’t have a free app option. The only way to get LearnWorlds on an app is to pay $500+/mo for a branded app. This will work for some creators, but is a hefty price tag to get your course on your app.

    Mighty Networks has an app included with every plan. It’s well-reviewed and can be found in the App Store or Google Play Store.

    Mighty Networks - iphone app

    Branded apps

    When it comes to branded apps, both LearnWorlds and Mighty offer very different approaches to app development.

    Here’s what you get when you build an app with Mighty Pro.

    • Livestreaming, courses, memberships, and every other Mighty feature on your own branded app with your branded notifications.

    • Mighty completely builds the apps including designs and splash screens.

    • You get strategy and VIP support from a team of Account Executives and Community Strategists who have scaled 7-figure creator brands and 8+-figure subscription businesses.

    • Mighty takes care of all submissions (App Store & Google Play Store), proactive updates, and support.

    Mighty Pro has built branded apps for Mel Robbins, TED, Cambridge University, and Jim Kwik.

    Book a Call

    By contrast, LearnWorlds has a DIY approach to app design. You can drag-and-drop to edit your own app for your online course, and then submit it to LearnWorlds’s team for approval and publishing. This can be a good way to get a branded course app.

    LearnWorlds App Builder

    In the end, Mighty is best for established brands and businesses to create done-for-you branded apps.

    LearnWorlds would be good for a course creator who wants their asynchronous courses on a DIY app.

    Ready to start?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    From branding customization to enhanced analytics to unlimited members, admin, and moderators on every plan, Mighty gives you a course and community platform like no other.

    But you don’t need to take our word for it. You can try it free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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