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4 Alternatives to Profi for 2024

If you’re a coach looking for a platform for running courses or scheduling your meetings, here are some alternatives to Profi.io.

By The Mighty Team

December 27, 2023

5 min read



    If you’re a coach looking for a platform to run your business on, you might have heard of Profi. Profi is a new platform that promises to help coaches set their client meetings for both individual and group coaching, and it has a calendar interface to schedule these meetings on. It gives each session a meeting room, providing you a place to handle bookings and sessions in the same place. It also has a section of the platform for creating pre-recorded programs, which gives you the capability for building an online course.

    Although a relatively new platform. Profi.io has some interesting features for coaches trying to build up a 1:1 practice and schedule meetings with clients. In this article, we’re going to talk about 4 alternatives to Profi for building your coaching business.

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    1. Calendly

    Calendly is a scheduling platform that has some of the same functionality as Profi. Like Profi, you can send a link to a potential coaching client and they can use it to schedule a session. If you integrate Calendly with Zoom it would give you the same functionality for sending clients scheduling links and automatically setting up a Zoom meeting in both calendars.

    The only downside to Calendly as an alternative to Profi is that it’s missing the ability to add a pre-recorded program or course to it. You could add another platform to do this. But if your main objective was to run a course, you’d probably be better to pick a different platform from the beginning anyways, since Profi’s course function is pretty basic. More on this below.


    • Automatic scheduling

    • Invite clients to schedule

    • Integrates with Zoom for automatic meetings


    • No online course

    2. Google Calendars

    Google Calendars has some of the same options as Profi since it’s also a scheduling tool. With Google Calendars, you can choose to “publish an event” and this gives you a sharable link you can post or share in an email to invite people to come. Alternatively, if you want to give people the option to book appointments, you can choose to set up “appointment slots” that lets them do just this.

    Of course, Google Calendars can also be set up to automatically insert a Meet link to every appointment, meaning that you not only have the scheduling capabilities of Profi, but also the automatic meeting link set up. Since you can do all this for free, from the comfort of your own inbox, this route is a really tempting alternative to Profi.io. But if you wanted a pre-recorded course or program, you’d need to pair it with something else.


    • Free

    • Automatic scheduling and Meet capability

    • Shareable links

    • Automatically connected to your Gmail


    • No course functionality

    3. Mighty Networks

    While both of the tools above replace Profi’s scheduling and meeting link tools, Mighty Networks isn’t a scheduling service. It’s a powerful cultural software that brings together community and course platforms with live events and monetization. Since Profi includes the option to build a basic course, Mighty Networks would be a great alternative to Profi.io for running your coaching business.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    A Mighty Network isn't focused on scheduling. It's focused on community. So, you could invite your coaching clients to join your Mighty Network, and customize the Spaces you need to serve them best, choosing from discussion forums, polls, live streaming, events, courses, and more. If you run group coaching sessions, you can build a focused group Space for that community too, set up your sessions in the events tab, collect RSVPs, chat and answer questions about the event in advance, and keep the discussion going long after. For example, a group coach who runs 4 coaching groups a week could easily set up 4 coaching Spaces and charge access.

    Mighty Networks also gives you a ton of course capability, with a powerful engine that works on web or via the app to help you create, launch, and sell engaging courses for your audience.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Discovery Course

    Mighty Networks gives you the power of community behind your coaching practice. HOWEVER, it’s not a scheduling app, so if you want the automatic 1:1 meeting scheduling options, you could pair it with the free Google Calendars or a paid service like Calendly to set up your individual appointments.



    • Not a calendar platform

    • Not a 1:1 booking platform

    4. Teachable

    Teachable isn’t a scheduling or a 1:1 coaching platform, but it’s an alternative to Profi that gives you a way to run a program. Teachable lets you set up your own online course and plan out modules and lessons for your students to take. It also gives you a lot of options for customization that Profi doesn’t have, like customized landing and checkout pages and lots of templates to choose from. You can also opt for the affiliate program to help you sell your course.

    Teachable course image

    We should say that Teachable is also not a scheduling platform for 1:1 meetings or a replacement for a calendar app. So if you’re a coach looking for a booking solution, you’d need to use something else too, like Calendly or Google Calendar.


    • Course platform

    • Customization options


    • No community options

    • No small group functions

    • Not a scheduling app


    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live Streaming - Miami

    If you’re looking for the calendar functions of Profi, you should try one of the two routes we mentioned above. But if you’re looking for an amazing course and community platform to build your group coaching practice from, check out Mighty Networks! It gives coaches all the flexibility they need to run courses, subgroups, and schedule regular sessions–plus your members get access through the app!

    You can try it for free, no credit card required, to get a sense of the amazing coaching business you could build with it!

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