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The Power of No-Code Website Builders for Creators

Anyone can build their own website now and it’s all thanks to no-code technology. Let’s explore what all the fuss is about.

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There has never been a better time for creators to build their own websites than right now. Thanks to the power of no-code technology, anyone can create an awesome website.

In the past, if you didn’t have a coding background or know someone who did, it was very hard to execute all the great website ideas you had in your head. Now, no-code website builders simplify the process by cutting out the need for creators to code at all.

Ahead, we’re going to explore why no-code technology is so powerful, and how you can get started building a no-code website.

What is no-code web development?

No-code web development is a type of technology that allows creators with or without programming experience to create software without writing any code. This is made possible by no-code web developers designing tools that allow creators to use a visual interface to design a website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a creator with a small business that has a digital storefront, or if you are looking to create a no-code membership site and build an online community. All of these things are powered by code.

Before no-code technology, if you didn’t have the skills to design a website you would have to pay someone to create it for you. All in all, the process was very expensive. And that’s before you include all the troubleshooting involved. Now, no-code website builders are opening up a world of possibilities for creators to build what they need all by themselves.

So, we’ve explored the basics of no-code technology, but what are some of the major benefits? Let’s dive a bit deeper.

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The benefits of a no-code website builder

As we stated earlier, no-code technology takes away the hurdle of coding knowledge in the website building equation. That’s an obvious positive for the no-code website builders, but what are some of the benefits you might not realize?

More control

One of the major benefits of using a no-code website builder is that you can do it all by yourself. Thanks to a robust set of prebuilt tools and features, any creator can construct a website without coding and you don’t have to translate the ideas bubbling up in your mind to someone else to design.

In a more traditional system, you probably would have to go through multiple channels and teams to bring your website to fruition. It could start with the design team, then go to the content team, and then you’ll need to enlist a programmer to bring it all together. But when you build a no-code website you don’t need to rely on these teams (unless you want to!) to get the ball rolling.

Lower production costs

It’s no secret that hiring web developers is expensive. Like really expensive. Why? Because these people not only are building your website from scratch, but they are also troubleshooting any issues with you, testing the website across multiple devices, and iterating on these designs based on your feedback. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just very costly.

On a no-code website builder the tools and features are already tested and ready to deploy as soon as you’re ready to input your content. This means that you won’t be held up because a feature doesn’t work or a developer is busy completing other projects.

Additionally, you’re paying a specific fee (most likely monthly or annual) that gives you access to the no-code website builder and support from your website building platform’s developers.

Swiftness and flexibility

Another major plus of a no-code website builder is that creators can implement changes to their website without help from developers. This means that you can not only build a website on your own, but you can make quick decisions that are instantly implemented.

When you have a smaller team that you’re working with, you can make swift decisions and pivot when things aren’t working as planned. This doesn’t mean you should make a rash decision—after all, there’s still research and iteration involved. But no-code websites tend to take away a few barriers.

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No-code website builders should be more than a landing page

The best no-code website building platforms will give you more than just an awesome landing page. There are plenty of options on the market that will allow you to design good-looking websites—Squarespace is an obvious example—but why stop at a website?

As you and your brand evolve, there will be new ideas and aspirations on the horizon. Maybe you’re an online course content creator who offers your services on Teachable. First off, that’s great, Teachable offers some solid options. But at the end of the day, their platform can only grow with you so much. If you want to add an online community down the line or host virtual events, you’ll be left to search for an additional service to fill that need. You know what that means, right? More money and more time sunk into building another no-code website.

Even if you plan on keeping it simple right now with some basic brand copy, articles, and a landing page, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow in the future. Knowing that you can launch courses or paid groups if or when you’re ready (at the same price that you’re spending with Squarespace or another website builder) should give you confidence in your ability to scale from here.

The best no-code website platforms will have a wide array of features that creators can utilize to explore new possibilities for their business. Here are a few that we love:

  • A robust website builder.

  • Paid memberships and subscriptions.

  • Create online courses.

  • Dedicated native mobile app available across web, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Downloadable analytics for member data.

When you have all of these options at your fingertips and they are instantly available and deployable once you input your content, you’re gaining immense value that is only possible through no-code technology.

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Mighty Networks is the best place to build a no-code website

No-code technology is so revolutionary because it allows everyday people to build websites without having any programming knowledge. This opens up so many possibilities and opportunities for people who otherwise would be unable to participate, for instance, in the world of the creator economy.

Mighty Networks started back in 2017 and have come to define what online community and course platforms can be. We’ve built a platform that allows creators to build awesome no-code websites, but we also offer so many more options than that.

In addition to being a great no-code website builder, we are the only platform that allows creators to build no-code online courses and couple them with an online community all under one roof. On top of that, we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into developing as many native features for our platform as possible. Creators can utilize discussion boards, polls, surveys, live and recorded video, and so much more. No coding required.

Our platform also offers a great native mobile app experience across web, iOS, and Android. And if you choose our premium plan, Mighty Pro, you can build a white-label app that’s available in the App Store and Google Play Store that is all under your personal branding.

It’s time to get started

When you start a Mighty Network, you’re joining a platform that’s designed to grow with you and your brand. Communities have the power to improve the world in so many ways and connect people across borders. We believe that providing creators the tools to make these connections happen is important. And that all starts with building an awesome website.

You can’t get a better value in the no-code software world than at Mighty Networks and that’s all thanks to our emphasis on creating a multifaceted environment that grows with your brand. So, let’s get you started building your no-code website today!

Are you ready to start building a website?

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