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The Benefits of Using Community Analytics

Growing an online community is like any other business: data informs good decisions. We’re diving into why community analytics are important.

By Phillip Russell

December 14, 2022

7 min read



    We are living in a moment where online community platforms are revolutionizing the way people connect with one another around the world. And these platforms are also helping support creators and the ever-growing creator economy at large.

    A key component of success for any creator of an online community is having great community analytics. That way, the best decisions can be made based on concrete numeric insights. With that said, community data is more than just numbers: It is a concrete marker for understanding what is and isn’t working within your community, and how your members engage with your work.

    Ahead, we’re exploring community data and the benefits of choosing a platform with great community analytics.

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    What are community analytics?

    Community analytics is a form of software that tracks your community data and provides insights into your members’ preferences and interests.

    Online communities have been a godsend for content creators, entrepreneurs, and brands big and small to grow their businesses. It turns out that when you have a community around your content and services, your members will carry on the conversation so you don’t have to.

    In turn,  private community platforms with robust community analytics have become important pieces for many businesses. Many creators have realized that understanding how to create conversations around your work is just as important as actually making new content, if not more so.

    The more engagement you build around your work, the higher chance that people will stick around. Community analytics help you determine what kinds of work and services are the most appealing to your audience.

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    Why are good community analytics tools important?

    When you look at incredibly popular and active online communities, it can feel like the creators of these spaces have captured lightning in a bottle. Or that they have a sixth sense for bringing people together and spurring conversation.

    That secret power is having powerful community analytics, so they can understand their members’ habits better. Sometimes content or strategies that seem like they are working might actually be middling or unsuccessful.

    When you start a Mighty Network, you get a full set of analytics tools to help you see what's working and what's not...


    An example might be getting a large number of views on a video or listens on a podcast. This might seem great (yay, people are looking at your work), but what analytics could show is that people are only watching or listening for a few minutes and dropping off. That’s not great, and not something you can tell simply at face value.

    The same is true for running an online community and utilizing community data. When you utilize an online community platform that has great community analysis tools, you will be able to determine what kinds of content work best, what your members steer away from, and what they want more of.

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    Four benefits of using community analytics

    So, we’ve talked a lot about what community analytics is and why it is important to have good software for researching your member’s habits. But what are some concrete benefits of investing in these resources? Below, we’re exploring four:

    1. More engagement

    When you have access to community data, you’ll have a new perspective on what your members engage with the most and the least. What community analytics opens the capacity for is more experimentation in how you approach your marketing and content creation. Instead of doing guess work, you can come up with a theory or hypothesis, put it in action, and have concrete numbers that justify if your experiment was a success or not.

    By trying out new strategies and tactics, you can continue to tailor your community experience in a way that invites the most engagement.

    2. Expand your reach

    Another key benefit of community analytics is that as you learn what is most engaging to your audience, you’ll know what potential members will want too. Your community data will be more than just numbers, you might also learn a lot about where your members are coming from, where they live, and how they interact with your community. All of this data will give you new perspectives on where you should focus your resources next to reach new people.

    3. Concrete numbers to grow your business

    When you have analytics for your online community, then you can find concrete numbers to show your return on investment. Your community analytics are an incredibly valuable asset when it comes to sales, funding, and business growth. Having clear data to draw from will also allow you to plan more in the long term, set goals for your community, and change course when things aren’t working.

    4. Informed decision making

    A big benefit that we’ve been stressing throughout this post is that good community analytics inform great decision making. Part of any creator’s job is determining the best path to success for their online community business. When you have a robust range of community data to extrapolate from, you can achieve your goals and milestones much faster.

    Why are community analytics so important in decision making? Your data will provide you some distance from your community and members which can help you see the forest for the trees. Additionally, you can begin cataloging your data and building out potential member profiles based on your current member’s habits.

    In short, community analytics provide creators with the important insights they need about their businesses and how effective their current tactics are working. Running an online community isn’t easy, but having great community data will make it much more manageable.

    So, we’ve covered some key benefits of community analytics, but should you host your community to get the best results?

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    Mighty Networks is the best community building platform

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    Throughout this article we’ve explored just how important community analytics are for creators. But none of that matters if you aren’t starting with an amazing online community platform to host your community on. Mighty Networks is the best platform for creators who are looking to build an online business powered by community.

    Mighty's cultural software gives you an all-in-one SaaS platform that lets you bring together content, courses, community, and commerce, all under one roof. And Mighty's Spaces give you the flexibility to customize the features you need in your community.

    Over the years, Mighty Networks has continued to add new native functionality that allows creators to broaden the scope of their businesses. Key features have been the addition of online course creation tools, virtual event hosting options, and stellar native mobile app support. That means creators and members can access content no matter where they are.

    Here are some other great features:

    • Create online courses, online communities, and host virtual events.

    • Offer paid memberships, events, subscriptions, and exclusive content.

    • Post text, live and recorded video, polls, and Q&As.

    • Create member profiles, subgroups, landing pages, and more.

    • Have your community available across web, iOS, and Android devices.

    So, after you’ve built an awesome online community on a Mighty Network, you can support your business’s decisions through our robust community analytics suite: Mighty Insights.

    Mighty Insights

    While the Mighty Networks platform has had community analytics features for a long while now, we recently revamped our approach by creating Mighty Insights. On Mighty Insights we’ve revamped our analytics dashboard to give creators more community data so they can make better decisions for their communities.

    You’ll have functionality like a detailed community overview tab where at a glance you’ll get a birds eye view of the member activity in your Mighty Network. This tab will give you insights into how many active members you have, your traffic broken down into which device they are using to access your community, active member heatmaps, and more.

    There’s a tab specifically for insights on your members too. There, you can look at member activity trends by day and cohort of active members and contributing members. That means you can see a map of activity relating to how your members engage with your programming so you can change it accordingly.

    Other features you’ll have access to include the ability to see which posts get the most interaction. How your members interact with your content (commenting, cheering/liking, RSVPs). And even which kinds of content types get the most engagement.

    Mighty Insights will give you a complex, yet easy-to-use, perspective on how your community functions, so you can continue to tailor your experience to best fit with what your members want. There are a plethora of other awesome things you can do on Mighty Insights and Mighty Networks as a whole, but this should give you a clear idea of what you can expect with our community analytics.

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    Are you ready to get started?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Incubator

    So, we’ve covered a lot today about the benefits of community analytics, and Mighty Networks will give you the most robust online community building experience around. All that’s left to do is actually get started building your community and taking your business to the next level.

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