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Finding Your Community's Home
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The New Way to Build a Website

A Mighty Network isn’t your typical website builder. That’s exactly why you should consider it.

If you’re looking for a static website for your side hustle or new online pop-up, head on over to Squarespace. They offer a simple, static website that has a beautiful image and is simple to set up. 

There’s only one problem. Once someone checks it out, they probably won’t ever come back. It’s static. There’s nothing to do there.

That’s why in 2023, coaches, creators, entrepreneurs, and brands are choosing a new way to build a website. It’s an approach that prioritizes dynamic website, community-powered content and engagement over a single page that may look great, but isn’t memorable and doesn’t give anyone a reason to come back.

So, what does a modern website builder offer that’s different from Squarespace? We’re glad you asked:

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In this article...

Keep people coming back

Sure, a modern website builder is going to have a landing page where you can showcase who you are and why you do what you do. But the real magic of a modern website builder is in all of the ways it gets people to come back, explore, engage, and meet other people also interested in the niche you’ve carved out.

Whether they’re consuming your content, answering your polls, asking their own questions, or sending you a message, a modern website builder embraces the fact that after a steady diet of social media, your people want to connect with you and other people who share the same passion, even on a website. The next generation of website builders makes these features super simple to manage all in one place, all under your brand. 

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Organize and show off your content

If you’re looking for a website builder in 2023, chances are you have some content. Not only do you want a way to quickly and easily transform your content into a rich, beautiful display of articles organized by topics you control, but you also want to weave in more ways for people to contribute, whether that be with polls, questions, live events, or just a simple threaded conversation around your brand, purpose, or ideas. 

A modern website builder takes a holistic view of all of the things you want to share, and all the ways that people want to contribute–then delivers on them beautifully.  

Add community, courses, and more

Your brand and business are dynamic, especially in 2023, when new opportunities are emerging at every turn. At a moment when you can quickly turn content and concepts you have into a paid online course or membership site, you want to pick your website builder for its ability to let you experiment with these new revenue streams without having to launch on or move to yet another platform. 

Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

Even if you want to keep things simple today with just your basic brand copy and a handful of content articles, knowing that you can launch courses or paid groups if or when you’re ready (at the same price that you’re spending with Squarespace or another website builder) should give you confidence in your ability to scale from here.  

That’s why we created a Mighty Network.

A Mighty Network is a modern website builder that grows with you.

Mighty Networks - Graphics - Incubator

Your new Mighty Network is simple enough to launch in a few minutes, yet powerful enough to grow with you as you expand your business into markets you’re only dreaming of today. Whether it’s expanding your content, community, online courses, events, or launching a paid membership site, it’s possible on a Mighty Network–all in one place, all under your brand. 

Mighty is a cultural software platform that lets you bring together community, content, courses, and commerce. No old-school website does that!

The best part? You can get started for free in a 100% ad-free, private website that’s all yours to explore and launch whenever you’re ready.

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