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Finding Your Community's Home
Memberships & Subscriptions

Geneva vs. Mighty Networks

Online community platforms have changed the way people connect online. We’re comparing two popular options on the market.

Online communities have been around since the early days of the internet. They were then revolutionized by social media platforms like Facebook.

But now, community builders are looking for more intimate spaces to bring people together online, and a new swath of online community platforms have emerged. Geneva and Mighty Networks are two online community platforms that approach community building in different ways.

Ahead, we are going to break down what these two are all about, so you can make the best decision for your community.

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In this article...

1. Geneva vs. Mighty Networks: Who are they?

Before we hop into our head-to-head battle comparing Geneva to Might Networks, we’d like to introduce the two platforms. As we stated earlier, both are online community platforms but each one approaches community building differently.


Geneva is a community platform that describes itself as “a home for groups of all shapes and sizes.” They offer an all-in-one communication app for people to come together, chat, and hang out through the use of text, audio, video, and live streaming functionality.

Communities on Geneva are all about forging tight-knit, smaller, and more private groups of people around a general topic, interest, or idea.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is an all-in-one online community and course platform that gives creators a wide range of native features and tools to build awesome content. The platform has been around since 2017, and since then, has shown just how powerful online community software can be for creators.

Over the years, Mighty Networks has continued to add new functionality that allows creators to broaden the scope of their businesses. Key features have been the addition of online course creation tools, virtual event hosting options, and stellar native mobile app support. That means creators and members can access content no matter where they are.

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2. Geneva vs. Mighty Networks: Judgement Criteria

In order to compare Mighty Networks to Geneva, we’ve put together a set of criteria to judge how they stack up. Below are three key factors that should be on every creator’s list for choosing a platform for their virtual community:

  • Customization and features. When you choose an online community platform, you’re going to want a wide range of options to develop the content and community space that best fits your vision. If you choose a platform that is highly restrictive, it will be a frustrating experience when you end up having to transition away later. But you also don’t want to be overwhelmed by an endless array of options either. Choosing a platform that strikes a good balance between user control and ease of use is important.

  • Monetization. Building an awesome online community is only part of the equation. Choosing a platform that gives you a variety of ways to be compensated for the awesome experience you’re providing is important too. Even if you aren’t planning on monetizing your community from the jump, having those options available is a great value. Why? Because monetization is more than just making money off of your work. It’s also a means to allow yourself to create a more sustainable business. And most importantly, however you decide to monetize your community, it should be simple and easy for you and your members to utilize.

  • Native mobile app experience. What’s the point of an online community if you can only access it on your computer? The best modern community platforms have taken the time to create native mobile apps so that your members can experience your community wherever there are.

There are many avenues you can take to compare Mighty Networks to Geneva, but these three categories will provide a wide lens for what these platforms have to offer. So, let’s start breaking down which online community platform you should pick, Geneva or Mighty Networks.

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3. Geneva vs. Mighty Networks: Customization and features


In terms of customization, Geneva has done a solid job of living up to its claim of being an “all-in-one communications platform.” When you build a community on Geneva, you will have access to a wide range of different ways to communicate. Some that they highlight on their platform are text, voice, video, and live chat “rooms.”

On top of their chat features, you can also create forum-based discussion rooms, and schedule and host events through an integrated calendar in your Geneva community  “Home.” Other features include the ability to create questionnaires and surveys to “gate” certain rooms in your community for members you deem appropriate.

Mighty Networks

When you build an online community on a Mighty Network, you’ll have tons of options and features at your disposal.

A Mighty Network sets itself apart from all the other online community platforms on the market through the sheer amount of experiences creators can provide their members. Not only can you build gorgeous community spaces where your members can interact with each other and your content, but you can also host virtual events and offer online courses.


This means that the platform grows with you and your aspirations. Even if you don’t have plans for online courses now, the features will be there when you’re ready, and they will constantly be improved upon.

Here are other awesome features on a Mighty Network:

  • Discussion boards, surveys, polls, and Q&As.

  • You can post live and recorded videos.

  • You can create small groups and gated content.

  • Host virtual events on the platform.

  • And you can utilize an “activity feed” feature that makes it easy for members to keep track of all the awesome content you’re providing.

Mighty Networks emphasizes providing a robust ecosystem of native features that allows creators to continually evolve their community experiences. That means that you’ll rely less on integrations to keep your community running.

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4. Geneva vs. Mighty Networks: Monetization


Currently, when you compare  Geneva to Mighty Networks in terms of monetization options, Geneva is sorely lacking. Their platform is free to use, but they don’t have an easy way to actually monetize your community or content in their current version. However, they’ve stated that they plan on integrating Stripe payments in the future.

Mighty Networks

Bringing together a group of like-minded people around a common goal, interest, or idea requires time. In turn, creators who build awesome communities should have a variety of ways to monetize the hard work being done to make it a reality.

On a Mighty Network, you can create paid memberships, subscriptions, virtual events, and online courses and they are all integrated into the platform. There are also various ways you can charge for your memberships such as one-time, monthly, or annual fees.


5. Geneva vs. Mighty Networks: Native mobile app experience


When you build a community on Geneva, it will be available across web, iOS and Android devices. This is a great functionality to have for any creator looking to build a community because your members will have more ways to interact in your community and will probably stay more engaged.

Mighty Networks

In terms of a native mobile app experience, Mighty Networks edges out Geneva in one key aspect.

If you build your community on a Mighty Network not only are your members free to use it across multiple devices. But in addition to the app being available across web, iOS, and Android, Mighty Networks also offers a Pro plan that allows creators to build a whilte label mobile app.

Mighty Pro - Phone1

That means that you’ll have your own branded app that is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store complete with push notifications, your branded icon, and everything else.

Mighty Networks is the best place to build your online community

After diving deep into the criteria comparing Geneva to Mighty Networks, it’s clear that Mighty Networks comes out on top. Our platform allows you to build robust online community spaces for your members and provides you with the tools to expand into new areas for your business, like online courses, virtual events, and paid memberships.

Feature Item 2 - Courses

We’ve built the best online community experience around by continually developing native features that stop the hassle of juggling multiple platforms to make your business work. On Geneva, you’ll get some good options for communication, but not much else. There are no options for monetization nor for online courses.

Our platform is constantly evolving and iterating on the experiences we give creators to build awesome content and connect members. Your Mighty Network is available across the web, iOS, and Android. More customization, flexibility, and mobility sounds pretty great, right?

Time to bring your online community into the world!

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