Why You Should Use a White Label Social Network Platform

It’s hard to stand out on social media platforms. The good news is that you don’t need them anymore.

If you’re a creator who is looking for more customization, control, and ownership over your business, then you should use a white label social network platform.

In the past, if you wanted to build a community around your brand you weren’t left with many options outside of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar platforms. Luckily, we are living in a moment where they are many white label social networks for you to choose from.

Ahead, we’re exploring what a white label social network platform is, and what you gain from moving your community over to one.

What is a white label social network platform?

A white label social network platform is a software platform that allows you to create your own private, “members only” online community all under your own branding. So, when you build an online community on a white label social network platform your content is only available to people who become members of your community.

We are living in a moment where many creators are quickly moving away from traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why? Because these platforms have grown so big with millions of people utilizing them every day, that it’s become increasingly hard for brands to find audiences and communicate directly with them.

While it might seem antithetical to move away from a platform with such a large audience, the reality is that when you have your own private network you’ll actually have more success because you can create deeper relationships with your members, but more importantly, between your members.

Additionally, white label social network platforms allow creators and their members more ways to express themselves, and more control over how their platform functions. Ahead, we’re unpacking some of the key benefits of using a white label social network platform.

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The benefits of a white label social network platform

Now that we’ve talked about what a white label social network platform is, you’re probably curious about what you gain from using one. As we said above, a white label social network is your own private, branded online community space that you build using prebuilt features and tools your software provider has created.

There are a number of great reasons that you should consider transitioning your community over to a white label platform. But to make these a bit easier, we’ve picked three main reasons why they are worth the switch.

1. Native features and customization

The first thing you get when you choose to use a white label social network is more native features and customization options.

If you started your online community with a Facebook Group or an Instagram account, then you already know how limiting those platforms can be. When you choose a white label social network, you’ll gain the ability to make your community how you want. But if you’re wondering what some of those features might be, here’s a list of a few we really dig:

  • Discussion boards.

  • Live and recorded video.

  • Polls, surveys, and Q&As.

  • Build and launch online courses.

  • Paid memberships and subscriptions.

  • Host virtual events.

You might be thinking that these aren’t features you’d utilize with your community. That may be true, but only because you haven’t had the opportunity to use them on more traditional social media platforms. When you utilize a white label social network platform you’re investing in the possibilities to expand your business as your community grows.

2. Monetization

The next factor you should be considering is how the platform you utilize allows you to monetize your business.

Most of the social networks you’re familiar with offer almost no ways to monetize your social media followers outside of advertising and some marketplace functionality. What that means is you are left having to use a second platform to add some kind of monetization to their business. It doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re building an online community, you should have a plethora of resources at your disposal to make money for the content you’re creating and the organizing you’re doing. Plus, providing your members a few different options for how they want to engage with and support your work is always a plus.

And if it isn’t obvious yet, the features that we listed above are all avenues to explore in terms of monetizing your work. You might have someone who simply wants to pay to be a member of your online community, but you might also have people who want more than that. Giving them options, whether it’s in the form of a paid masterclass, group coaching or something else are all ways you create revenue for your business.

3. Native mobile app experience

Finally, a feature that is a must-have and available with some white label social network platforms is the ability to have a white label app. Your community should be able to access your content and interact with each other no matter where they are.

On top of that, when you have your own white label app, your brand gains more legitimacy and much more interactivity. Why? Because when your members access your private network, there are no distractions on the platform, it’s only what you want them to see and experience.

Always determine whether the white label social network platform you choose offers you the ability to have your network accessible across the web, iOS, and Android.

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Examples of white label social network platforms

So you’re probably wanting some white label social network examples. Ahead, we’re showcasing a few that have thriving communities on their own private network.

Outer Work

Outer Work was started by Lenéa Sims is a paid membership and community care club that is creating intimate and impactful opportunities to educate, reflect on, and provide direct action around anti-racism. Sims launched her community and was able to amass 500 members in the first 72 hours. Using a white label social network platform Sims has found more freedom to experiment with the content she creates for her community and more equitable ways to monetize it as well.

Verbal to Visual

Doug Neil is a strong believer in the power of visual note-taking. His passion led him to seek out a white label social network to bring other notetakers together. He created Verbal to Visual on Mighty Networks quickly and easily. Now his business has over 1,000 members and he’s making over $300,000 a year. There’s immense power and opportunity open to creators when they build their community on a platform with powerful and flexible features. Neil hosts not only courses, but multiple webinars a month, mastermind lectures, Q&As, and more.


Anne Cocquyt created The GUILD as a paid membership where women entrepreneurs and leaders can connect, network, and further advance their personal and professional development. Cocquyt has utilized her private network to keep all of the women entrepreneurs she’s gathered together in a supportive community. She’s been able to expand her business by offering virtual events like paid webinars, online courses, and one-on-one sessions with members. By building her online community on a white label social network platform she has been able to make a five-figure revenue stream and gain over 1,000 members.

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A Mighty Network is the best place to build an online community

It can be daunting figuring out which white label social network platform to use, so we’ll make the search easy for you. We’ve developed the best online community and course platform out on the market.

We launched back in 2017 and our platform has grown to define how creators build communities and expand their digital businesses.

A Mighty Network allows you to build beautifully designed community pages that are all under your own branding. Additionally, we offer a native mobile app experience on both iOS and Android, full access to member data, and you’re able to communicate with your community and create content no matter where you are across all devices.

When you create a Mighty Network you’re creating a private network for your people that grows in value with each new person who joins. That is so powerful.

On top of all that, we offer everything we’ve talked about today for what makes a white label social network so great. That means you get world-class community features, online course building tools, and you can hold virtual events. Basically, you’re getting a plethora of ways to expand your digital business, and best of all, it’s done your way under your brand.

Our platform is making it possible for creators around the world to build communities and sustain themselves while doing it. Best of all, we are constantly updating our platform so there are always new ways to rethink and grow your business.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Let’s start building your community together.

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