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5 Mobilize Alternatives for an Amazing Community

If you need software to build a private community, these options have you covered.

By The Mighty Team

February 17, 2024

7 min read



    When it comes to creating an engaged community online, there are a lot of options for community platforms. The one that’s right for you will probably depend on what you need, whether you’re looking for things like member management, online course platforms, virtual event platforms, or a platform that does all of the above.

    Mobilize is a community management platform that was built for non-profits, associations, and other member-driven organizations. It gives you a replacement for a traditional CRM, letting you build a member directory and networking forums, plus other goodies like breakout groups or connecting for an event.

    Mobilize has some good community features, but it’s missing some too. With no ability to create courses, a clunky chat function, some features that are web-only, and branding that’s a bit outdated, there are lots of users looking for Mobilize alternatives.

    That’s why, in this article, we’re going to introduce you to some Mobilize competitors. If you’re looking for alternatives to Mobilize to create an amazing online community, we’ll introduce you to 5 great ones.

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    1. Mighty Networks

    #1 ranked community platform by G2

    Mighty Networks is an all-in-one cultural software platform that’s ranked the #1 community management software by the software review site G2. With an awesome community engine that’s built for engagement, Mightys powerful Spaces let you mix powerful tools like live streaming, integrated one-click event scheduling (with Zoom built-in), and all kinds of content options from long-form blog posts to video to Q&As to polls, courses, and more!

    When it comes to managing your members, each Mighty Network comes with fully customizable member profiles. You can see where your members are spending their time and completely customize their welcome with your own New Member Experience, plus find members near you. It’s got detailed analytics built-in, meaning you can find out what your members love and what they ahem don’t.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    Mighty Networks also comes with a native course-builder (LMS) that gives you the power to create and sell beautiful online courses. It works for either live or pre-recorded courses, and each course comes with its own landing pages, chat, built-in event options, and course community.

    mighty networks - Graphics - Modern Creator - Chat light

    Mighty Networks also grows with you. While every Mighty Network comes with an amazing app, with Mighty Pro we build totally custom apps under your brand in the app store. We’ll take your idea and work with you to create something your members will love. We’ve helped brands like TedX speakers and Cambridge University’s research network to build amazing custom apps they love.


    If you’re an established organization looking for a custom brand, schedule a call with us to find out more! And if not, we’ll grow with you until you’re ready.


    • Short & long-term content

    • 1:1 and multi-member chat

    • Polls & Q&As

    • Video posts

    • Easy moderation

    • Full notification system

    • Rich events with Zoom integration

    • Native live streaming

    • Course platform (for either prerecorded or live courses)

    • Easy member management

    • Detailed analytics

    • Collect payments in different currencies

    • Flexible Spaces

    • White-label apps

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    2. Wild Apricot

    Non-profit community management

    Wild Apricot is a community management option that was specifically made for non-profit organizations. It comes with a website builder that gives you the ability to customize your landing pages where your members will congregate. It also comes with the features you need to host discussions and run a forum.

    The place where Wild Apricot shines as a Mobilize alternative is with its member management features. Since it was built for associations, it has integrated member management software to help you keep track of your members and charge dues – if necessary. It also comes with the ability to add individual chapters that can be managed independently. This works well for, say, a national association with regional chapters that need their own websites or have their own events. And speaking of events, Wild Apricot also comes with an event management side that can be used for selling tickets and emailing info to members.

    Wild Apricot gives you powerful membership features, but the community feature is somewhat basic. It’s missing some modern engagement features like native live streaming, and the fact that it doesn’t have courses could limit some users depending on your goals.

    But the fact that it’s built for a similar audience as Mobilize means that it’s one of the best alternatives.

    3. Tribe

    White-label corporate forums

    Tribe- screenshot

    Tribe is a white-label community platform that’s used by some big corporations to add forum features to a website or app. It’s a good forum engine, with the option to organize discussions into separate categories and create spaces. Tribe gives users a set of content tools that include the ability to start discussions, ask questions, run polls, and share photos and videos. Along with this, you can run a community on a custom domain and it can also be customized to fit your brand’s look and feel. With features like analytics, moderation tools, and searchability, it’s a great forum-only alternative to Mobilize.

    The place where Tribe gets limited is in the features beyond a forum. If you need member management, the option to sell and collect fees, gate content, or pay for virtual events, it doesn’t have these features. There are also no monetization options, which means there’s no online course platform. All these factors make Tribe a great forum-only option for a company or organization that doesn’t need to collect money or gate content in any way.

    4. BuddyBoss

    Membership management WordPress plug-in

    When it comes to membership management, there’s one more way some people choose to go - WordPress plugins. While WordPress is still the most popular content management system on the web and many websites are built with it, it’s not necessary to choose a WordPress plugin to get a membership community.

    Buddy Boss

    But if you’re a diehard WordPress user looking for an option, BuddyBoss is a WordPress plugin that will give you membership management features. It gives you the ability to build a members-only area for a WordPress site. From this, you can add content gating, create user profiles, and sell memberships if it’s integrated with a payment gateway like LearnDash.

    It’s not the best of the Mobilize alternatives, but it’s the best WordPress plugin for memberships.

    5. Hivebrite

    Community platform built for alumni networks

    Hivebrite is an online community platform that was built for alumni networks and that earns it a spot on this list of Mobilize alternatives. With a decent community engine, the best part about Hivebrite is probably that it brings member management with a CRM together with email and your community. The member management can keep a list of current and past members or track donations while the email software lets you create campaigns – for example, a marketing campaign to reach donors. Hivebrite also has a job board, which is a useful function for alumni networks that might include job offers.


    Now to the limits of Hivebrite. If you are running an alumni network and want to host a live event, you can’t do it on the platform. You’d need to use something else. This is unfortunate since many of the best community platforms bring events and community together. There are no options for things like live streaming or even real video-sharing options. And this means no courses either, which may or may not be a dealbreaker depending on the goals for your network.

    All said, Hivebrite is a workable Mobilize alternative, but not one of the best, which is why it’s last on this list.

    Ready to get started?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    If you’re ready to launch your own community, whether you run an alumni, non-profit, association, or another type of membership organization, come give Mighty Networks a try! It’s a powerful, all-in-one solution that brings together great member management with an engaging community platform, live streaming, courses, events, and the option to sell plans and bundles.

    It’s the perfect tool to take your engagement to the next level. And if you’re ready to build a totally white-label app, we can do that with you. Or we’ll help you grow to that point.

    Ready to start building your community?

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