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Mighty Encyclopedia

White Label

What is white label?

White label is a term that refers to something that is manufactured generically that businesses and entrepreneurs can add their own branding to; this could be physical or digital products. Like a white piece of paper, a white label is blank, you can put whatever you want on it. This gives you endless possibilities for customization.

A white-label product, therefore, is a product that is not created by the company that sells it. The manufacturer sells the product (usually in bulk if it's a physical product) to a company that resells it under its own branding.

The manufacturing of white label products has been around for decades. Manufacturers produce generic goods, anything from food to home electronics, and then companies buy these goods, add their own branding or even their own packaging, and then resell them. But digital products have opened up a whole new world for white-label products as software, apps, programs, and website templates. Plus, the web has given us access to a world of white label marketplaces where you can easily purchase pre-made everything.

So before you hire a developer to build that mortgage calculator or travel app, check to make sure someone hasn’t already created a white-label version of it.

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