"We Moved Our $10M Nutrition Coaching Business Off Facebook Groups To Mighty Pro."

"We Moved Our $10M Nutrition Coaching Business Off Facebook Groups To Mighty Pro."

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Code Red is an online nutrition and weight loss community for providing members everything they need to lose weight and take control of their health including 90 days of small group coaching, accountability, and education with the Code Red certified coaches.

The Spark: After years of stress running Code Red on Facebook, Cristy’s goal was to create an all-in-one branded app for Code Red that allowed her members to achieve the weight loss goals they’ve dreamed of with an unmatched member experience.

Cristy’s Mighty Moment: “My members love the app, and they love not having algorithms influence their experience when they log in. It's our own private network where we get to be with our people, and it’s drawn us all so much closer together.”

Code Red is a multi-million dollar weight loss coaching company founded by Cristy “Code Red” Nickel.

Cristy has been in the health and fitness industry since 1994, from being a boxing career that brought her to #2 in the world to a highly successful personal coaching business, her expertise in nutrition is immense. Now, she uses her decades of experience to help others on their weight loss and fitness journey with her Code Red nutrition programs.

Her nutrition program and coaching business skyrocketed, and her members were achieving weight loss results they’d never thought possible. Cristy is using cultural software to support her quickly growing community and turned to Mighty Pro to build her very own branded apps for iOS and Android devices.

Now, she’s seeing levels of member engagement and product sales like she's never seen before. She attributes this abundance to her apps and cultural software providing her members with a one-stop shop for her products and services. They can log in and access their own world away from social media, taking courses, joining discussions, and achieving their weight loss goals together.

Code Red Code Red

By launching her own branded apps, Cristy has unlocked many benefits:

  • Created an all-in-one nutrition community for thousands of members to reach their weight loss goals together.

  • Had over 12,500 members join the Code Red apps in the first 30 days of launch.

  • Over 77% of her 15,000+ members use the branded app.

  • Over 78% of all activity in the app is member generated.

  • Grew membership revenue since launching the Code Red apps.

Cristy told us how building her apps has helped her business, “Mighty Pro is better than any other platform we looked at to build an app for Code Red. My members love the app, and they love not having algorithms influence their experience when they log in.”

The journey to Mighty Pro

Building online communities, courses, and coaching businesses is nothing new for Cristy. Prior to building her own Mighty Pro branded apps, Cristy was managing Code Red through a variety of channels and platforms: Facebook Groups, Click Funnels, WordPress, Instagram, and more. It became incredibly unruly to manage and took up a lot of her time.

Across 20 Facebook Groups, Cristy was managing a collective community of over 70,000 members and offering personal coaching, monthly challenges, and custom nutrition plans. But despite Code Red’s roaring success, relying so heavily on Facebook proved to be a burdensome move.

“Before Mighty Pro, we were delivering all of our products on Facebook and Click Funnels. Every single day was a strain and stress,” says Cristy. “My clients weren’t having good results because they were bombarded by ads, censorship, and the drama.”

The issues didn’t stop there. Another problem that Cristy faced on Facebook was losing access to her account. Cristy told us, “We were constantly locked out of our Facebook account so we could not coach, and it could take up to a week to get them back.”

Her members were paying monthly membership feeds to access personal coaching and other benefits, and Cristy couldn’t even interact with them to tell them what was going on.

After researching a number of different options and even exploring the idea of building an app from scratch, Cristy discovered Mighty Pro and never looked back.

Why Mighty Pro?

Mighty Pro helped Cristy quickly create and launch her branded iOS and Android apps for Code Red without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time to build it from scratch.

Since moving to Mighty Pro and leaving Facebook and ClickFunnels behind, revenue is going up and up. Members now have "one app, one platform, one community" to achieve their fitness goals with unmatched access to Cristy's inspiring livestreams, nutrition plans, and fitness coaching. And making the switch has significantly reduced the amount of community management Cristy has had to do.

“I went from managing at least six platforms to getting everybody into one app and community. People could get everything they wanted in a one-stop shop. That was huge.”

This reduction in the number of platforms Cristy juggles to run Code Red has allowed her to do more of what she loves—interacting with her members, doing livestreams, creating nutrition programs, and helping people reach their fitness goals.

The great migration from Facebook

A big fear for some successful course creators is that if they migrate from Facebook Groups or somewhere else, people won’t follow them. For Cristy, however, she wasn’t worried about that.

She knew that she could build a better place for her community and went all in. Now, she’s reaping the benefits of making the great migration.

“We migrated 20 Facebook Groups into Mighty Pro with 12,500 members joining in the first 30 days. Offering members ONE app for our coaching experiences, livestreaming, and community has changed everything for us.”

Higher member engagement & retention

Since building her branded apps, Cristy has seen a surge in engagement, retention, and contribution from her community. Over 77% of her 14,000+ members access Code Red from the branded iOS and Android apps, and Cristy isn’t spending all of her days keeping members engaged.

Now, over 78% of all the posts in her community are member-generated which has freed up her time to pursue new ventures for her business.

Increased revenue and reduced costs

“Revenue is going up and up and up," says Cristy. "It has been month after month after month of smooth sailing, having money going through, products going through, having programs going through, all these revenue streams happening at once."

On top of that, with her Code Red branded apps offering her an all-in-one solution for her business she has been able to reduce the number of recurring costs for the business and spend less time juggling multiple platforms.

Looking ahead

Code Red’s migration has opened up new possibilities for Cristy and her team to create a more sustainable business too.

Cristy has switched her focus from 1:1 online coaching which became harder and harder to scale as her community grew, to now focus on selling digital products and other ventures.

Native livestreaming within the Code Red app has changed the way Cristy interacts with the community too, allowing for a more dynamic and lively experience for members by hosting live sessions whenever they want. “The livestreaming was a for me and my members LOVE it. I can wake up at 7 am in my pajamas and go live and just talk! My community just loves the realness and the sense of connection that feature gives,” says Cristy.

For Cristy, having her own apps lets her create the experience that she knows will deliver the best results for her her members.

"I’m the best at getting weight off people, the best, there’s nobody better than me. On Facebook, my clients were not getting good results . . . Now, we’ve got our own private network where we get to be with our people, we can deliver our coaching and courses and programs in the same place, and it’s drawn us all so much closer together."

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