How Mindbody's 16,000 Customer Community Builds Brand Love

How Mindbody's 16,000 Customer Community Builds Brand Love

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Mindbody One is an online health and fitness community hosted by the global SaaS brand Mindbody. Inside, members ask questions and get advice from people who understand their unique challenges. Members gain access to exclusive content and conversations and a quickly-growing network of peers.

The Spark: Their goal was to create a community to better serve Mindbody and Booker customers, opening up a safe space to connect, solve problems, and lift each other up.

Kate’s Mighty Moment: “Our Mindbody One community would not be the safe place for our wellness customers to connect, grow and learn together without Mighty Pro. We have an 89% returning member rate, which is something I'm proud of. It means our customers see so much value that they almost always are coming back, in part because of our philosophy to keep the community protected and customer-centered.”

Mindbody is a global SaaS company with thousands of employees that offers full-service software for wellness business owners. Their software handles everything from payroll scheduling, staffing, and more.

The Mindbody One app brings together thousands of Mindbody and Booker business owners and managers in a thriving network of support and collaboration.

Today, wellness, fitness, and beauty industry entrepreneurs need a supportive place to connect, ask questions, and work through the complex problems they face daily.

Mindbody saw this need and worked with Mighty Pro to build and launch their Mindbody One iOS and Android apps.

Thanks to their branded apps and the features available with Mighty’s cultural software, the Mindbody One community has become a go-to destination for almost 16,000 of Mindbody’s customers. Creating the community and branded apps have allowed Mindbody to reach their customers like never before and opened up the possibility for creative partnerships with their most dedicated members.

Here are a few benefits they’ve seen since launching their branded apps with Mighty Pro:

  • Built a thriving "Champions" program giving executives unparalleled insights and direct input.

  • Brought 16,000 customers together to learn and lift each other up.

  • Created a self-sustaining community with an 89% member retention rate.

“Our Mindbody One community would not be the safe place for our wellness customers to connect, grow and learn together without Mighty Pro. Not only has the support been phenomenal, but the user experience meets our customer needs perfectly,” says Kate Nelson, Global Community Lead for Mindbody One.

Investing in community to better understand their customers

For over 20 years, Mindbody has been a leader in product innovation, research, and thought leadership in the global wellness industry.

While their SaaS-based products were helping tens of thousands of boutique wellness businesses around the world, Co-Founder, Blake Beltram felt an important piece of the puzzle was missing: an online community to connect these diverse businesses together.

Beltram believed that the future of Mindbody would heavily involve investing in community building to connect their customers together and to better understand their needs.

“Mindbody took the risk of investing in community because our Co-Founder, Blake Beltram, felt that our customers were craving a way to connect with others like them. So our main intention was to connect our customers together,” says Kate. “I commend Blake for this initiative because creating a space for our customers to feel safe and connected each day was an incredibly big win for the company.”

Why Mighty Pro?

Most brands can't help themselves: they want to create an online community but often need it to have a direct line to a business metric such as upsells and promotion, product adoption, retention, or generating pipeline.

"We wanted it to be a genuine place for customers to learn and teach each other. It's not about offering product training or selling things to them. It's independent with the value being the incredible people in there, the best practices other gym or spa owners can share, and a supportive place that inspires our customers in a holistic way.”

Mindbody took a much-less traveled path. They decided to make their community completely independent. While it is a customer community (you need to be verified to join to make sure it is filled with other health and wellness entrepreneurs), the community is run mostly by members and not overtly about Mindbody’s products and services.

A community where customers become Champions

One of the key benefits of creating the Mindbody One community and branded apps have been the deeper connections Mindbody has built with its members.

These customer relationships have evolved and opened up the possibility for creative partnerships through their ambassador strategy called the Champion Program.

“We leverage our most dedicated members' enthusiasm and invest a lot in them,” says Kate. “We have 45 Champions that act as an extension of the community team and they are actually helping drive forward all things Mindbody One for the company and our overall company strategy and roadmapping.”

These Champions run live events within the community, answer community questions, and contribute heavily to build a positive community spirit.

They act similar to a customer advisory board that gives deeper insights to Mindbody executives and leadership.

“For our executives, it’s incredible to hear directly from these Champs. We invite them to our campuses, we pamper them and treat them like Mindbodians. And it’s made the value of owning our own community so clear as this group of members gives us remarkable insights into what our customers need, how we can improve our products, and shows our customers that we’re partners in building their businesses.”

“We have an 89% returning member rate, which is something I'm proud of. It means that we're sharing the right themes within the community and we have a philosophy that resonates with our customers.”

The success of the Champions Program has created a strong culture of contribution in the community and Kate has seen an incredible level of member engagement and retention.

Selling high-ticket products and hosting live events

A major element of Mindbody’s business is the Mindbody University event series that they host every quarter around the world. Their customers depend on these events to get in-depth knowledge about using Mindbody’s software and to network with their peers.

With the shift to more virtual events, Mindbody found a powerful answer to their problems thanks to Mighty Pro and the ability to adapt their programming in the Mindbody One community.

“I suggested that we host Mindbody University as a course within the Mindbody One community. This was big because normally we have around 500 attendees at our in-person events paying upwards of $800 to attend,” says Kate. “When we debuted the event we saw 1500 members joined the experience and sat live for two days straight, just consuming content and talking in the activity feed in the community. It was incredible!”

Now that in-person events are possible again they are seeing just how important the Mindbody One app is for how they connect with customers.

“When I talk to our customers at events, the ones that are most excited about Mindbody and the community have the app downloaded on their phones," says Kate.

"It’s more convenient and easier for them to interact on their phone. I’m grateful we have this option because our customers don’t need a computer, they can just download the app to join the community. It’s a low barrier to entry and that’s valuable.”

“From January to April 2022 we made $45,000 without even trying.”

Mindbody's primary measure of success is that their community connects their customers together, but they’ve also seen exciting revenue growth.

Kate told us they weren’t doing much tracking of revenue generation because it wasn’t a focus, relationship building was. But when she and her team were reviewing their analytics they found out they were making significant revenue without even pushing the brand.

From January to April 2022 we made $45,000 without even trying. "It was all from a few webinars and articles that were posted,” says Kate. “It made us realize we can lean into this a bit more. To see our customers using the app in a way that was driving revenue opportunities was very compelling.”

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