3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Online Course

The not-so-secret way to generate more income from your online course while reducing costs and management headaches.

Imagine being able to…

  • Raise the price for your online course because you can offer something that looks gorgeous and your students don’t have to go to 2 or 3 different places to stay engaged. 
  • Grow the number of students you convert because you’re adding a community to nurture high quality leads, not just relying on email and sales pages alone. 
  • Lower the costs and management headaches of having your online course, community, and sales funnel in multiple places–getting hours back in your week while reaching and positively impacting more students with your course or program. 

I’m going to let you in on a secret. All of this is possible with a Mighty Network. 

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There are 3 ways for you to use a Mighty Network to instantly improve your online course (or skip the headaches and costs of the old way of doing things, if you’re just getting ready to launch your first course):

1. Replace your Facebook Group.

If your email campaigns are locked and loaded, your sales pages are cranking away, and you’ve dialed in your Teachable, Skillshare, Kajabi courses just right, guess what? You’re still leaving a massive opportunity on the table to generate more income from your online course if you’re using a Facebook Group. 

“Hold up!” you may say, “I love our Facebook Group! Facebook is where everyone already is and all the coaches who I follow use a Facebook Group. My students don’t want another log-in.”

Here’s why your students will embrace another log-in. They bought your course because of your expertise, but what they’re really paying for is their own TRANSFORMATION and RESULTS. 

Transformation and results only come through focus (and its friend, accountability). Facebook prides itself on being an engine of distraction. Imagine how much faster your students will see results in a special world you’ve created to master your topic together? 

The benefits of moving your course community from a free Facebook Group to an equally free (or low price) Mighty Network are therefore potentially game-changing for your course:

  1. Students will have more focus–increasing their engagement and chance of success.
  2. Students will have more accountability and social proof–quickly and easily meeting the most relevant fellow students, including those who live near them or care about the same things.
  3. Students will be able to see and hear more from you and your team–something that’s not guaranteed on Facebook, given how the algorithm works.  

Even better, your Mighty Network will be more organized than a Facebook Group and won’t suffer from the tension and awkward moments that happen there with political debates, news, and friend and family announcements all mixed in together with your course community. 

So, even if you want to keep absolutely everything else in your course the same, you’ll be well-served by replacing your Facebook Group with a Mighty Network and fast-tracking student results for more growth, additional income, and a community that essentially runs itself. 

Here’s what your community can look like as a Mighty Network. This is the main Activity Feed:

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2. Replace your Facebook Group and your Course Content Platform.

If your email campaigns and landing pages are working, leave them alone–you’ve got a great thing going and there’s no reason to mess with success.

However, you’re right to question your need to separately pay $29-$79 per month or more just to run your course content on Teachable, Kajabi, Skillshare, Thinkific, and other platforms and still run your community elsewhere (but at least now, you’re not doing it in a noisy Facebook Group). 

The truth is that if you’re open to rethinking your course content platform, you can save money, reduce the time spent managing multiple platforms, and streamline your student experience to increase their chances of success.

How? Run your courses directly in your Mighty Network. 

A Mighty Network has courses as a built-in feature you can turn on with The Business Plan. Course content is organized by sections and lessons with all the content features you know and love across other course content platforms. 

But a course within your Mighty Network offers more than content alone.

It also has all the features of a group or community, too. Here’s what your students can do directly in a course on a Mighty Network: 

  • Access profiles and a directory of other members taking the same course
  • See course-only polls, questions, posts, and a course-only activity feed
  • Post updates and messages to course members
  • Direct message other members taking the same course
  • Stay within that course to go deeper with additional course topics
  • See course-only events you create

You can also just have course content, minimizing the community aspect of your course, but these social features are powerful. They mean your students can stay right there in your course for support, encouragement, weekly challenges, and more–using the community features in your course to engage longer and more deeply.  

If you take this approach, your overall Mighty Network doesn’t need to be a private student-only community but can help you nurture prospective students too. Imagine:

  • Offering lightweight guides via articles with downloadable PDFs you can schedule in advance or highlight to new members as they join
  • Scheduling, promoting, and managing RSVPs for webinars via the events feature
  • Sharing members results, stories, and testimonials via posts

THEN, you can use the course feature itself within your Mighty Network for both course content and community–all in one place, all under your brand.

The best part? Those leads being nurtured at your Network Level? Yep, they can buy right there–even if you haven’t launched your course yet.  

Here’s what course content looks like in a Mighty Network:

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3. Replace your Facebook Group, Course Content Platform, and Sales Funnel – With a Mighty Network, Everything’s in One Place.

Now, if your sales funnel isn’t working perfectly or you’re questioning paying $2,000-$3,000 A YEAR on your email provider, website provider, sales pages/webinar provider, course platform, payment provider, and other providers I can’t even name, there may be a better way. 

When you use a Mighty Network, you instantly have more options when it comes to your sales funnel in addition to your course content and community:

  • You have individual sales pages for each course or bundle of courses you want to sell. Each of these sales pages supports rich videos, photos, text, and breaks out sections for benefits and instructors. Just like other products like Instapages, Unbounce, or Clickfunnels.
  • Each landing page or sales page has the ability to purchase right there (powered by Stripe). This means you can take payment for your courses directly in your Mighty Network, even before your course is ready. 
  • You have the option of creating “Visible” or “Hidden” Plans, each that has its own link to share, so you can run promotions to your email list, social media following, or set up exclusive windows for purchase without everyone seeing the different deals you’re offering.
  • You can nurture leads, run webinars, offer snackable or teaser content, and more in your Mighty Network. Each activity has email notifications and messages built in, and you always have the option to notify all members via email. (You still may want to keep your email provider like ConvertKit or MailChimp as there are some great features they have that a Mighty Network doesn’t, but the key thing is that you don’t have to.) 
  • You have a Mighty Network landing page that can serve as your website. It’s available to visitors and is replaced by a live activity feed when someone signs in.  

Watch this tutorial to see how a Mighty Network’s sales funnel works for paid online courses. 👇

The best part? All of this is possible for $972 a year on The Business Plan.

Ready to get started with one of these options for your online course? We can’t wait to see what you do with your Mighty Network!