Launch a Thriving Community Around Your Podcast

When veteran bloggers Jennifer Flores and Erin Trafford needed a better way to grow the audience for their hit podcast, In The Storyhouse, they stumbled upon a Mighty Network.

With a Mighty Network, they were able to quickly set up and launch Team Storyhouse as a way to bring their followers–digital entrepreneurs of all levels–together and launch quickly.

Today they’ve added real-time seminars and mastermind groups to serve their growing fanbase. Rather than have to find a developer or strap on yet another software-as-a-service, they were able to launch these courses and new groups directly in their Mighty Network.

Jennifer and Erin are not alone.

From niche hobbyists diving into their passions to big names in sports, business, and politics offering their take on current events, podcasters just like Jennifer and Erin are building their podcasts into something more.

With a Mighty Network, you can turn your podcast into more than a thriving community by organizing unlimited groups, launching online courses, and hosting events all in one place.

Here’s how podcasters just like you are doing this today.

1. Bring your listeners together in one place

A Mighty Network is the simplest way to bring your listeners together. Get started in a few clicks, then layer on new features when you’re ready to grow. It’s a lot like setting up a party: you set the stage, break the ice, then sit back and watch people connect with each other.

Once you create your Mighty Network and flip on a few basic features (don’t worry, we made a checklist with shortcuts and templates that make this easy!), it’s time to invite in your listeners. If you have their info, just upload your address book or sync up your email list. You can also share it out on social or announce it on your podcast by sending folks to your own URL that you’ve mapped to your Mighty Network.

Your listeners will be fired up to finally have a place where they can meet each other and get exclusive access to you.

2. Organize discussions around each episode

If there’s one thing a podcast is amazing at, it’s sparking a killer conversation. When you bring your listeners together in a Mighty Network, you now have a place where they can dive into discussions away from the noise and distractions of other platforms.

Podcasters like you are using a Mighty Network to:

  • Publish embedded audio files of each episode and notify everyone as soon as it’s live, so that listeners can tune in instantly.
  • Organize threaded discussions around individual episodes or topics, so listeners can share their own ideas, experiences, and stories.
  • Offer exclusive content and experiences that devoted listeners can’t get anywhere else—like an exclusive video, a bonus episode, or a behind-the-scenes tour.

When you’re ready, you can turn on features in your Mighty Network that provide even more opportunities for your listeners to meet and get value out of building relationships with each other. Let them ask their own questions and organize their own meetups, or use your Mighty Network to broadcast a new poll that will help you crowdsource topics for future episodes.

3. Switch on subscriptions or rewards

Beyond sponsorships and ads, there are other ways to generate revenue from your podcast. By setting up subscriptions in your Mighty Network, you can easily start collecting a small monthly or annual fee from your listeners to support the work you do.

With just a few clicks, you can be up and running with a paywall on your Mighty Network that prompts listeners to contribute a nominal fee for access to the exclusive content and conversations you offer. We call this feature Member Subscriptions and it’s a breeze to set up.

The numbers don’t have be astronomical to make sense for your business, either. Imagine if you charged $2.99 a month (or $24.99 a year—what a steal!) for access to your Mighty Network, where listeners can meet each other, participate in discussions, access premium content, videos, or episodes, and maybe even a monthly live Q&A with you. If just 500 of your listeners signed up, you’re looking at $15,000 in new revenue each year.

If you want to offer even more benefits to listeners who sign up to support your podcast, you can also roll out rewards and incentives for long-term supporters or people who successfully refer their friends to join.

Here are a few more examples of podcasters using Mighty in the wild…

Tara McMullin is something of a celebrity within the world of small business. Her What Works podcast is one of the top women-hosted podcasts for business owners. After years of coaching one-to-one, Tara sought a way to reach more people.

Today Mighty Networks powers What Works, where Tara offers her listeners and followers a virtual co-working space, mastermind groups, and connections to other successful business owners with wisdom to share.

Jerod Morris hosts The Showrunner, a podcast that’s all about the business of podcasting—from creating a marketing strategy to growing your audience. When he needed a place where he could bring his listeners together and offer them exclusive opportunities to access deeper coaching and training, he launched a subscription-based Mighty Network.

With the revenue Jerod is generating from the 400+ podcasters who pay a small monthly fee for access to the Showrunner Podcasting Community, he can invest more time in creating new webinars, weekly Q&As with experts, and accountability challenges for his followers.

Heather Huhman created the Beat Infertility podcast after she was diagnosed with infertility, as a way to tell stories about others who are also navigating these challenges. When the podcast took off, she knew the next step was to bring her listeners together in a place where they could meet and provide support for each other.

She launched Beat Infertility on Mighty Networks to serve as a gathering place for her community, where members can privately and safely discuss each episode, share their struggles, and exchange tips and information around topics that can’t easily be Googled.

Ready to turn your podcast into something more?

Start simple by bringing your audience together so they can meet and build relationships with each other. Not only will your listeners be excited to connect with each other and dive into the discussions you spark on your podcast, but your life gets easier, too:

  • When you’re ready to launch subscriptions or rewards, you know exactly who will opt-in.
  • When you’re ready to go on tour with your podcast, your ticket holders are ready to go.
  • When you’re ready to launch your first online course, your students are already there.

When you have everything in one place, spinning up new experiments is a flip of a switch, and bundling different pieces together is a few clicks. Nothing requires you to push your people to yet another new platform.

It’s not hard to connect the dots and see a bright future for your podcast—where you’re not only growing your audience, you’re creating more ways to make money, expand your footprint, and invest in your future plans.

Create your own Mighty Network today and take the first steps to connecting your listeners in a place that will only get more valuable to everyone with each new listener who joins.