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Offering an online course is a fantastic way to share your expertise, launch a new revenue stream, and bring people together.

On a Mighty Network, online courses are easy. With the simple flip of a switch, you can turn on “Mighty Courses” directly within your Mighty Network. It’s so much easier than having to route your followers between a separate course platform, a group, subscriptions, your website, and social media.

On a Mighty Network, you have the ability to launch unlimited courses–alongside messaging, events, questions, polls, groups, and more. This also happens to be the way that we learn in real life, so it’s a good bet that a Mighty Network will be the best course choice for your brand. People come for the course and stay for the connections.

Here’s our quick guide for getting started with our Mighty Course feature.

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1. Enable Mighty Courses in your Mighty Network

When you’re ready to launch your first Mighty Course, upgrade to Mighty Business or Mighty Pro to get instant access.

Pro Tip: We have a 14-day Free Trial of Mighty Business with no credit card required. On it, you can set up as many courses as you’d like before you have to upgrade. No credit card is required.

Once you have Mighty Courses enabled, you’re ready to start!

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2. Choose your Mighty Course settings

With Mighty Courses, you decide how you want to structure each course that you create. In fact, you can even decide what you call courses within your unique Mighty Network. Some folks call them seminars, workshops, or even resources. It’s up to you.

Then, within each Mighty Course:

  • Your course can be public and open for anyone in your Mighty Network to see and join.
  • Your course can be private and invite-only to certain members.
  • You can charge folks a monthly or one-time fee for access.

There are also a variety of features you can toggle on and off within each course that will give you different levels of flexibility around how people go through it, and how they interact with the other members also taking your course. More on that in a minute.

To keep things simple, we recommend starting with the default options enabled in your course settings—you can always add more bells and whistles as you go.

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3. Create your Mighty Course content

Now, on to the fun part: creating your course content!

Create Your Course Overview

This is where your students can see an overview of everything you’re offering within each individual Mighty Course. The overview is the spot to give folks a taste of what to expect when they dive in, add a video introduction, and/or highlight the benefits someone will experience after they complete your course.

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Add Sections and Lessons

By default, you can quickly set up different sections of your Mighty Course for students to work through, then create ordered lessons within each section. Like everything in your Mighty Network, this is fully customizable—if you want to rename sections or lessons to be something else, go for it!

Each section and lesson you create can incorporate a full range of rich media and content—including fully-formatted text with headers, video, audio, embedded forms, file attachments, downloads, and more. Want to add a quiz in the lesson at the end of a section? Embed a Typeform that captures everyone’s answers. Want to deliver a series of instructional videos and track progress as participants move through your Mighty Course? As the course creator, you can organize your videos into individual lessons and easily keep tabs on everyone’s status.

You can even decide if you want to turn on comments for each lesson you create. We love this option because it opens up the conversation around the content you’re delivering and encourages students to share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences—which in turn builds relationships and gives people even more reason to meet each other.

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Decide How You Want Your Content Delivered

When you’re organizing your coursework into sections and lessons that you want students to access, you also have the option to decide how you want that content delivered.

There are three easy options to choose from:

  1. Make all of your content available for participants to explore on their own.
  2. Give participants the option to unlock content in a specific order as they move through your course.
  3. Drip out your content at specified times.

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4. Now you’re ready to launch!

This is where the magic happens. You’ll see a few options available when you’re ready to launch, including the ability to directly invite people from your email list or share your new course on social media.

Not only will people benefit from the expertise and resources you’re providing in your Mighty Course(s), you’re also giving them a unique opportunity to meet each other and form new relationships as they share this experience.

As your Mighty Courses take off, you can grow your community and content around your courses by taking advantage of other Mighty Network features. Launch an icebreaker question, publish daily polls, lead virtual events, and more—all within your course.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few examples of people using Mighty Courses today.

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Indie Birth Association 

Margo Blackstone was a graduate student studying legislation of midwifery and childbirth in regards to reproductive rights in the United States. Eventually, she caught the “birth bug” herself and completed a five-year apprenticeship with midwife Maryn Green.

Together, the two teamed up on Mighty Networks with a new project: Indie Birth Association. There, they provide midwives, doulas, and pregnant and birthing women with resources, education, and support around autonomous birth.

Creating a Mighty Network allowed Indie Birth Association to offer their members a secure,  private space to discuss, share, and learn all things birthing, pregnancy, and more. It also allowed the pair to create a robust set of online course offerings, from long-form courses for aspiring midwives and doulas, to mini-courses for women experiencing pregnancy blues.

The Institute for EMBODIED Living

Elizabeth DiAlto has always been interested in exploring the difference between womanhood and femininity. That curiosity is what propelled her to create The Institute for EMBODIED Living, a space centered around teaching women self-love, healing, wholeness, and liberation.

Over the years, Elizabeth has created a lot of content, from a movement practice called Wild Soul Movement to the EMBODIEDpodcast. Eventually, she realized she wanted to offer something more high-value for her members to grasp hold to, and a hub to put all of her work in one place. After testing a number of platforms to run an online course, Elizabeth found the perfect partner in Mighty Networks.

On her Mighty Network, Elizabeth has been able to put years worth of her content all under one room: podcasts, webinars, courses, and more. By consolidating the various platforms she used to host all of her awesome content, she’s been able to deliver more online courses and provide her members with an ever-evolving online community space.

Verbal to Visual

Doug Neil is a strong believer in the power of visual note-taking. That passion led him to seek out a platform where he could bring together an online community of aspiring sketch noters and teach them the techniques and benefits of the practice.

Doug looked at Kajabi, WordPress, and a variety of other solutions, but ultimately found a home with Mighty Networks. He was able to make his Mighty Network Verbal to Visual quickly and easily, but shortly after the pandemic happened and he had to find new ways to engage with his audience.

Luckily, Mighty Networks had the functionality he needed to offer his established online courses to his members and run his latest course live, creating content as he went. Today, the flexibility that the Mighty Networks platform provides allows Doug to host not only courses, but multiple webinars a month, mastermind lectures, Q&As, and more.


Gretchen Rubin is the New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Project and The Four Tendencies, and host of the wildly popular podcast Happier. When she needed to drive pre-sales for her latest book, she launched a Mighty Network–complete with her very own branded iOS and Android apps–where her superfans could be rewarded with exclusive content and experiences.

Today, her Mighty Network, Better, also serves as the hub for her community, and her followers have built relationships with each other in ways that just weren’t possible when they were spread across different services.

Ready to launch your first online course?

Create your own Mighty Network to enable Mighty Courses that gets more useful with every new person who joins. With a few clicks, you’ll have everything you need to bring your people together in one place.

Are you ready to start building your online course?

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