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All you need is 100 True Fans

Here's what that means. You can make $100,000/year with 100 people:

  • 100 people x $1,000/year
  • 1,000 people x $100/year
  • 10,000 people x $10/year

It's called The Passion Economy

(and it’s awesome)

3 trends are fueling the Passion Economy

Demand for Expertise

Rock Retirement Club


of American workers believe it's essential for them to continuously develop new skills during their work life

Demand for Experiences

Find What Feels Good


of millennials prefer to spend money on experience over material things

Demand for Relationships

Better from Gretchen Rubin


of Americans say they don't have a meaningful, daily face-to-face interaction

But delivering Passion Economy today is hard


Is this you?

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