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6 Cool Examples of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (2024)

Looking to build a community to support entrepreneurs? Here are six examples of online communities helping CEOs, founders, and business owners lift each other up.

By Mighty Team

April 13, 2023

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    From universities connecting scientists to investors to training communities for first-time CEOs, entrepreneurship support organizations are a fast-growing category of online communities with millions of new members joining each year.

    In the past, these entrepreneur networking groups were hosted in Slack channels or LinkedIn Groups. But as the popularity of these entrepreneur groups grew, so did community management complexity, the desire for CRM integration, and the need for deeper data insights into member behavior.

    At Mighty Pro, we work with entrepreneurship support organizations typically on the second or third evolution of their community. Often these organizations began with a Facebook Group or Slack channel. Or started as a small in-person event series. Once they gained traction, they typically graduated into a community management platform, delivering their events and programs on mobile apps.

    Today, let’s tour six examples of entrepreneurship support organizations and look at how they run their programs.


    1. The University of Cambridge’s Connect Health

    Connecting Research Clusters

    The Cambridge Connect: Health Tech community was set up to build an interdisciplinary bridge between two hubs of world-leading research in Cambridge—the science and technology hub in the west and their biomedical hub in the south.

    With their events, groups, and community apps, researchers in medicine, physics, technology, and engineering can meet with entrepreneurs and businesses that they wouldn’t ordinarily encounter. The aim is to deliver a supportive ecosystem that accelerates the design and development of new life science therapies.

    As they described in a recent research report, they created their community to connect interdisciplinary clusters of research and entrepreneurship at Cambridge creating an “interface between medicine and technology.”

    From virtual training events to networking events where researchers meet experts outside of their sectors, the community ensures that interdisciplinary academic research is “amplified and translated into commercial and clinical success.”

    Within the app, members can discover networking meet-ups for specific research areas on the Cambridge campuses. They offer hybrid events with hundreds of people meeting in Cambridge, with online viewing for people who can’t make it in person.

    They also host regular events and livestreaming sessions to help scientists understand funding sources for building their own companies, licensing intellectual property, and identifying new commercial opportunities for their research.

    Learn more at their website:

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    2. CoA Academy

    Immersive training & leadership development

    COA academyCOA academy

    The CoA Academy was founded by Michael Portz a serial entrepreneur, coach, and well-known speaker, and Christian Kohlhof, a successful entrepreneur and communications trainer. Together, they’ve created training programs and leadership communities to support the growth of thousands of entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs.

    The CoA offers content such as their best-selling books and podcasts, masterclasses, a global CEO community, a 12-month leadership program, and a leadership network.

    In their private membership CoA Community app, they help entrepreneurs and executives apply proven leadership methodology in their businesses.

    Members access to world-class coaches through with virtual events and masterclasses.

    In particular, the community offers three core offerings.

    Monthly Chief Seminars which are live sessions with all participants and practical exercises (3.5 hours per session). Topics include how brand and culture building strategy models, prioritization frameworks, and exercises for purpose vision and values.

    Monthly sessions to share and workshop real business scenarios in small groups, moderated by expert coaches (3-hours sessions) in a collaborative community, peer-to-peer learning setting.

    Individual coaching sessions that help members develop their management styles, with advice tailored to specific leadership contexts and professional development challenges.

    What is powerful about CoA is how they’ve gone far beyond the boring management philosophy that you’ll typically find in leadership and entrepreneurial support communities. Every experience is interactive, live, and rooted in the real-world entrepreneurial experience of the community’s certified coaches and founders.

    Learn more at their website:

    3. Praxis Academy

    Serving faith-driven entrepreneurs

    praxis academypraxis academy

    Praxis is a community that supports founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith and desire to use entrepreneurship in the service of others.

    Praxis was founded by Leighton Cusack, the creator of PoolTogether a crypto-powered savings protocol. Hadiyah Mujhid, the founder and CEO of HBCUvc, an organization serving the next generation of venture capital leaders in communities where entrepreneurs face barriers accessing capital. And Sarah Dubbeldam, the CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Darling Media.

    What’s unique about the membership is that the community teaches Praxis’ approach to redemptive entrepreneurship. Unlike traditional capital investing which favors high-growth and exploitative strategies, Praxis members learn how to run companies and create technology with a much different motivating force: to love and serve others.

    The Praxis Capital Fellowship supports investors and philanthropists at a strategic inflection point in their work through a cohort-based, eight-month program.

    They also run a conference called Activate, a mentorship-driven non-profit accelerator, a business accelerator, and extensive training and mentorship programs with tracks for pre-seed founders, experienced entrepreneurs, and advanced leaders.

    Their live coaching and high-value programs are delivered via their community platform and app called the Praxis Academy. Inside, members access high-touch programs, thoughtful exchanges with other founders, a job board that features opportunities from Praxis’ portfolio companies, weekly events, and online courses.

    Throughout the entire Academy experience, participants are actively applying lessons toward personal, spiritual, and career growth. At the end of the program, each participant will have a personal roadmap for putting faith into action across the whole of their vocation.

    Learn more at their website:

    4. LifeScience Org

    Uniting European CEOs and founders

    LifeScience ORG is a private community where CEOs of European life science ventures get unmatched access to advanced resources and live knowledge-sharing events. Members include first-time CEOs who have at least raised Series A funding and experienced founders and CEOs.

    Inside the community, members gain deep expertise in topics such as IPOs for life sciences companies, global expansion strategies, and post IPO management. The community also features CEO Clinics, with confidential exchanges on topics with small groups of experienced founders and executives.

    The community delivers incredibly rich discussions, high-quality live sessions, and fills an unmet need for European life science CEOs to get continuous training with a combination of weekly events, peer-to-peer exchanges, and exclusive access to knowledge that goes way beyond meeting at a few conferences throughout the year.

    Learn more at their website:

    5. Uplift Millions

    Helping solo founders find their potential

    uplift millionsuplift millions

    Uplift Millions creates training programs, coaching, and consulting for mission-driven entrepreneurs who value people, planet, and profit.

    With their private membership, entrepreneurs evolve from being solo entrepreneurs to gaining the training they need to step up as CEOs and grow six and eight-figure companies.

    Inside their community app, members unlock 150+ training courses in a CEO Trainings Vault, attend virtual workshops, and complete 5-day challenges.

    Community members can also purchase customized coaching programs that are tailored for different stages of the entrepreneurial journey from going from zero revenue to 6 figures to making the transition to becoming a true CEO, creating a vision, culture, and high-performing team.
    Specifically, they offer four core coaching programs, in addition to the community and resources inside their iOS and Android apps.

    A 4-month group coaching program. This program is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs making under $100,000 a year in revenue and teaches them the foundations of building a business that delivers impact.

    A 12-month CEO mastermind. Established entrepreneurs enroll in this program to get the peer support and advanced frameworks to evolve into CEOs.

    A 6-month elite mastermind. This program offers established entrepreneurs personalized coaching and direct access to an elite group.

    What’s effective about Uplift Millions is the progressive format of their coaching programs, taking entrepreneurs from zero revenue to deeper and deeper expertise in building high-impact companies. Their community—which is free—offers a place for entrepreneurs to gather between coaching programs while they implement the knowledge they’ve gained, offering more training, community discussions, and specialized groups.

    Learn more at their website:

    6. Mindbody One

    Lifting up health & wellness entrepreneurs

    Pro communities - mindbody section - appPro communities - mindbody section - app

    Mindbody is a leading B2B software company with 1300 employees and a global customer base of gyms, salons, spas, fitness, and beauty businesses.

    As their core customer segments are founders and entrepreneurs, they knew giving their customers a space to learn directly from other business owners is 10 times more valuable than any webinar or ebook.

    In their Mindbody One community and branded apps, they’ve created a supportive customer-led community filled with extremely tangible tips on running gyms, salons, and wellness centers. Other than the occasional product training webinar and special event, the majority of the content is created by customers.

    From a gym owner sharing their mobile marketing strategy to a cycling instructor giving tips on pricing livestreaming classes to a boxing instructor getting help understanding liability waivers, the community is filled with advice you just can’t find scrolling Instagram or watching YouTube tutorials.

    The community is all about meeting business owners running health and wellness studios, so members can learn from each other with over 30+ affinity groups including groups run by fitness studio owners, day spa owners, chiropractors, indoor cycling instructors, and personal trainers.

    Weekly events focus on customer loyalty strategies, wellness trends, pricing services, email and mobile marketing strategies for salons, how to run livestreaming classes, financial planning workshops, and tutorials on using Mindbody’s software that helps business owners schedule clients and run their gyms, salons, and wellness centers.

    Learn more at their website:

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