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Here’s How to Get Your Own White Label Fitness App in 2024 (3 Options)

If you’re ready to deliver your fitness program under your own brand, having your own app makes a HUGE difference.

By Mighty Team

July 31, 2023

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    Whether you’re a successful personal trainer, a fitness influencer, or you run a fitness brand, you’ve probably thought about having your own app. The global fitness industry is worth something like $87 billion–with a $30 billion U.S. market–and the virtual fitness business is expected to reach almost $60 billion by 2027. There’s a huge upside for people who are able to capitalize on our demands for fitness.

    And with 20% of Americans currently holding a fitness club membership, if you’re able to deliver results you have a powerful business potential. So what difference can a white-label fitness app make to your business? And how can you get one?

    In this article, we’ll help you figure out how to know when you’re ready for a white-label fitness app, what questions to ask, and give you some build options.


    What is a white-label fitness app?

    A white-label fitness app is a software solution that lets you deliver a fitness program or service under your own brand. White-label apps give you a product with advanced capability delivered by a dedicated builder, but your customers experience it as a totally custom app. With your logo in the App Store and Google Play Store, your custom notifications, and your brand identity, a white-label fitness app lets you deliver a customized service for a fraction of the cost of a custom-built app.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Body Soul Livestream Paired LightMighty Networks - Graphics - Body Soul Livestream Paired Light

    A white-label fitness app is one of three different app development options:

    • DIY - online drag-and-drop type app builders which are the cheapest but also give you the lowest quality app.

    • White-label - proven app solutions built by professional developers that can be released under your brand.

    • Custom development - apps created and coded from scratch.

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    Benefits of white-label fitness app

    Here are some of the advantages of creating a white-label fitness app.

    Quality: a white-label app from a fitness app development company can–counterintuitively–be even better quality than a completely custom-built app. This is because a white-label fitness app company focuses exclusively on one product type, constantly improving, testing, and growing it.

    Customization: A white-label app can still reflect your own brand, and your customers and clients won’t know the difference.

    Price: White-label apps cost a fraction of what custom development costs.

    Support: While custom-developed apps require you to pay for the upkeep and any tech troubles, with a white-label fitness app support is often built-in. This means you don’t need to fuss over tech support–your white-label provider should take care of it for you.

    Options: There are a TON of options out there for white-label platforms. It’s easier than ever to find one that fits your needs.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streamingMighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    Do you need a white-label fitness app?

    So do you actually need a white-label fitness app? When we build apps for fitness influencers, trainers, and brands, we see a few things happening again and again that push them toward an app.

    If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you might be ready for a white-label fitness app:

    • Do you have an existing client set or audience ready to use your app? Or a realistic pipeline to get new members in?

    • Do you want a competitive edge for delivering premium content and experience under your brand?

    • Do you want to help your clients see better results because your programs are easier to access AND mixed with behavior prompts like notifications?

    • Are you looking for new revenue streams, more ways to deliver value to different types of members and clients?

    • Does your business rely on a ridiculous mixture of tech held together by Zapier integrations– things like Kajabi, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, or Patreon?

    • Are you willing to invest in premium software to help your business grow to the next level?

    Listen to Cristy “Code Red” Nickel talk about how making the switch to a white-label fitness app changed her fitness business.

    Examples of white-label fitness apps


    Oiselle Volée: Built by Oiselle, a women’s apparel company, the white-label fitness app brings together women runners to gain training inspiration, connect with a diverse group of powerful women, engage in local community activism, and more.

    Slow AF Run Club: Martinus Evans started sharing his journey as a “back of the pack” runner and grew to 32,000 Instagram followers (@300poundsandrunning). He built a white-label fitness app as a space to bring these runners together to share stories and motivation.

    Code Red: Cristy “Code Red” Nickel grew her online nutrition and weight-loss coaching company to $10 million with branded apps.

    Code RedCode Red

    White-label fitness app builders

    1. Mighty Pro

    Best for community, courses, and content.

    Mighty Pro is a white-label fitness app builder that brings together content, courses, community, events, and commerce under your own brand. It’s built on G2’s top-rated online community management software, with flexible Spaces that can hold features like livestreaming, live events, cohort and pre-recorded courses, discussion forums, chat & messaging, member profiles, and more.

    Mighty Networks - Body Soul - Members Paired DarkMighty Networks - Body Soul - Members Paired Dark

    Mighty Pro can help you create live and pre-recorded fitness programs, amazing content, and run a coaching business–you can create packages and bundles and sell in 135 different currencies.

    And when you build a white-label fitness app with Mighty Pro, you also get access to the Mighty Pro Team of Account Executives and Community Strategists who have scaled 7-figure creator brands and 8+-figure subscription businesses.

    Cristy "Code Red" NickelCristy "Code Red" Nickel

    We’ve built apps for brands and creators like Cristy “Code Red” Nickels, Martinus Evans, Oiselle, and Sadie Robertson Huff.

    Mighty Pro also comes with Mighty Co-Host™, our AI community engine that makes managing your community RADICALLY easier. With features like profile assist, instant course outlines, and the “make it better” text editor, it’s easier than ever to get engagement in your community. And Mighty Co-Host™ can instantly create things like a Big Purpose and landing pages, plus the Infinite Question Generator to keep conversations going.

    If you’re still trying to think of a great name, then check out our Fitness Group Name Generator. It runs on Mighty Co-Host™ and can create a business name that feels like magic.

    And if you’ve already built on another platform, Mighty will take care of the migration to your white-label fitness app.

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    "As a host, Gina Bianchini and her team LISTEN!! I'll say that again, THEY LISTEN TO THE HOSTS! So over the last 6 years they have been asking us what we want and making changes to the platform in response to what the hosts, our communities and our members need. Yeah, that's cool!" Verified G2 Review

    2. Virtuagym

    Best for gym management apps

    Virtuagym 2Virtuagym 2

    Virtuagym is a white-label fitness app creator based in the Netherlands, that creates software solutions for personal trainers to track nutrition, build training plans, and track progress. With things like scheduling fitness sessions, coaching functionality, and a simple community option Virtuagym can be good for a trainer to run their business on.

    But Virtuagym can also be white-labeled and used for gym management or corporate wellness software, making it a versatile client management tool for different types of fitness businesses.

    The downside to Virtguagym is that the features are quite limited: a basic community forum, and basic video courses; it’s missing the advanced features of a community engine. For this reason, Virtuagym is stronger in its member management tools for gyms than programming tools.

    3. My PT Hub

    Best for individual trainers

    My PT Hub 2My PT Hub 2

    My PT Hub is a white-label fitness app builder with a lot of the same features as Virtugym, things like program creation, nutrition tracking, and goal setting. My PT Hub also has a really good list of templates, making an individual trainer’s life easier as they try to customize coaching plans, and there’s a payment gateway on the platform for selling plans.

    One of the best features of My PT Hub is that it can be integrated with wearable tech like Fitbit or Apple Health, which can give you detailed reporting for your personal training practice. And my PT Hub also has the option to create a white-label fitness app under your brand.

    My PT HubMy PT Hub

    My PT Hub is perfect for an individual trainer wanting to create an app for their business. It wouldn’t be the right solution for a large fitness platform or influencer. It doesn’t have the features to grow, things like community or courses to deliver fitness training at scale. But it has all the right features for a small practice.

    Ready to start?

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