How to Use a Mighty Network

Create a Mighty Blog That Brings People Together

Launching a Mighty Blog is the first step in getting started with a Mighty Network.

We created this quick tutorial that will show you how to set up a free Mighty Blog—as a way to not just organize your ideas, but also start to bring people together in the earliest days of a new project.

Let’s dive in!

Creating a Mighty Blog is the first step in getting started with a Mighty Network. A Mighty Network is the simplest way to create a brand or business that brings people together.

The beauty of starting with a Mighty Blog means that when you’re ready to do more than just blog, you’ve got everything you need to grow.

Set Up Your Mighty Blog

When you create a Mighty Blog, you’ll start out by creating an account. It’s super quick, and you’ll then land on the Activity Feed in your new Mighty Blog. As a first step, we recommend going to your Network Settings in the upper right corner to customize your branding, description, and other features.

We’ve also got a great cheat sheet for setting up your Mighty Blog with the Mighty Launch Checklist. Inside the checklist there are template articles you can make your own and a quick links to a few other features you might want to explore later.

Create Your First Article

With Articles, you can create beautiful posts for your Mighty Blog that include multiple embedded photos, videos, podcast episodes, music playlists, and more. You can even add file attachments that your members can download.

Once you’ve created a few Articles in your Mighty Blog, you can set up Topics to keep them organized.

Set Up Topics

Topics are the perfect way to organize posts in your Mighty Blog, and they work just like categories. We recommend getting started by creating 5-10 first, and you can always add more as you go.

There’s also a feature that lets you decide if you want certain Topics to be available just to you as the Host of your Mighty Blog, or if you want others to also be able to contribute to those Topics. Topics can also be customized to have their own color, image, and description.

How Your Mighty Blog Brings People Together

Once you’ve got your Activity Feed set up with Articles and Topics for people to see, you’re ready to share your new Mighty Blog with the world.

As people come in and check out your Mighty Blog, they’ll start to see a few ways they can participate in the conversation. It’s one of the many ways a Mighty Blog is different (and AWESOME).

With a Mighty Blog, visitors can become contributors in their own right. They can create their own profiles, and all of their activity is automatically organized. They can also add threaded comments on your Articles and share their own posts and contributions. Even better, members can send direct messages with each other from their profiles—and in turn start to build relationships with each other.

Get Started With Your Own Mighty Blog

The simple but awesome features of a Mighty Blog give you an easy way to connect people even in the earliest days of your idea or project.

And that’s only the beginning. When you’re ready to take your Mighty Blog to the next level and drive engagement with polls, questions, groups, courses, and more, you can upgrade to Mighty Brand or Mighty Business.

With your new Mighty Blog, you have everything you need to start sharing your story with the world and connecting your most loyal fans and followers to each other. And it’s all in one place.

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