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Mighty Encyclopedia

Association Management Software

What is association management software?

Association management software (AMS) is member management software specifically for dealing with national and regional private, industry, or voluntary associations. It's usually similar to alumni management software options, although sometimes it will have specific tools geared towards associations. For example, many national associations have regional chapters. Some AMS options might give you tools to build independent websites or manage membership databases on a regional level.

Who needs association management software?

Some associations might benefit from the specific functions of AMS, like the tools to turn over regional management to membership and local leadership. But you don't necessarily need AMS to do this. For example, most alumni software options work on a similar model, with the ability to create regional or local chapters.

For this reason, when looking at AMS, remember that there’s membership management software that will give you the same capability to do things like build vibrant communities, host live events, and track members and allow them to pay dues.

It's better to focus on software that meets your specific needs and that lets you serve your members in the way you choose. For example, do you only want to track membership? Do you want to host live events? Would you like to offer courses for your members? Most associations are better suited to pick membership management software that fits their needs, regardless of whether it’s marketed as an AMS or not.

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