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Mighty Encyclopedia

Customer Engagement Strategy

What is a customer engagement strategy?

A customer engagement strategy is a plan that a brand or company creates to build positive relationships with its customers. A good customer engagement strategy identifies every touchpoint in the customer journey and designs each one to maximize the positive experience for them.

When creating a customer engagement strategy, you should consider every engagement resource at your disposal--for example, a website, the design of the product, support staff, community managers & the social marketing team, email, and more. These multiple touchpoints offer a mix of scalable and one-to-one interactions that, when taken together, will ensure great customer engagement.

4 examples of activities to include in a customer engagement strategy

1.Product giveaways

People love to get free stuff! A tried and true feature of many customer engagement strategies is giveaways, whether it's the product itself, merch, or totally unrelated prizes like tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. Free stuff gets people's attention and that leads to engagement.

2. Rewards programs

Have you ever bought a few extra Big Macs in search of the McDonald's Monopoly pieces or carried around a dirty punch card from your local roaster in the hopes of a free coffee? If so, you've been part of a rewards program. Rewards programs are a fantastic customer engagement strategy, since they build attention, promote brand loyalty, and make your customers feel special.

3. Brand challenges

Brand challenges show up in a lot of customer engagement strategies. If you've ever seen an ad challenging you to post a picture of yourself to social media with a punny hashtag, you've seen a brand challenge. Brand challenges that work are amazing for customer engagement because they not only prompt customers to take action, but they generate social media buzz which is free advertising.

4. Email goodies

Email campaigns have become the norm in our life. And, while we might not care much when our dentist sends us an email wishing us Happy Holidays, good email campaigns can promote a ton of customer engagement. People love free offers or discounts, or even receiving valuable help and advice in their inboxes.

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