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Mighty Encyclopedia

Live Streaming

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is the act of presenting to your audience on video in real-time. In the past, this was limited to media outlets that had the technology to broadcast live to their viewers. But in the past few years, live streaming technology has lit up the internet, and more and more people are creating and consuming that live experience from their homes--no need for an expensive TV studio.

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Unlike traditional broadcasting, live streaming also allows for viewers to engage: to comment, like, share, and even get invited into the broadcast. This makes it powerful and personal, and people love the intimate feel of real-time, mistakes and all. In fact, the little mistakes and pauses are part of what makes it special. Unlike a polished, pre-recorded video, live streaming makes it feel like you’re that much closer to the host or the audience.

Live streaming benefits for business

If you own a business, you need to realize the power of live streaming. Your live streams won’t be as polished or perfect as that promotional video you labored over, but live streaming has something more special. As we said above, it creates an intimacy between you and your viewers that feels a lot more unscripted and real, which is a huge strength for your brand. Plus, live streaming has the potential to be really spontaneous and surprising (in a good way).

And don’t just use your live stream to sell. Give your customers value, teach them things, inspire them, engage them. That’s what will truly make live streaming work for your business.

We love live streaming, and that’s why we’ve added live streaming functionality to all of our Mighty Networks plans.

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Live streaming examples

  • A Mighty Network host announces a weekly challenge on a live stream every Monday.

  • A musician goes live on IGTV or TikTok and hosts a mini-conference for viewers.

  • A thought leader interviews someone on LinkedIn live about an upcoming book release.

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