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The Best White Label Community Software

Using white label community software can be an easy way to brand your community and put it out into the world. But which platform should you use?

by Mighty Team

Apr 11

Whether it’s an at-home fitness club or a resource-rich safe haven for freelance artists, creating a virtual community can be powerful. Even more so when you establish that community under your own branding, look and feel. 

That’s where white label community software comes in. 

With a white label community platform, you’ll be able to connect people with common interests under your own brand without breaking your back (or your bank). When you opt to use white label community software, the platform you choose does all of the heavy lifting for you. 

In this article, we’ll define what white label community software is and what must-have features a white label community platform should have. Plus, we’ll take a look at the options for the best white label community apps on the market today. 

In this article…

What is white label community software?

First, let’s define what we’re talking about when we say “white label community software” or “white label community platform.”

Both terms refer to a piece of software built by a company that you can rebrand and customize to make it appear as your own. 

Using white label community software gives creators the chance to work smarter, not harder. You get to create a dedicated virtual space for a group of people with shared motivations, and help those people build connections with each other.

But you also get to skip all of the hard work that comes with building a community platform from scratch. 

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That makes white label community platforms a good solution if you’re looking to create a community under your own brand, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of development, trial, and error on creating (and maintaining) a custom-made app

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If you think a white label community app could be a good fit for your online community, the next step is figuring out what platform is the best for you and your followers. 

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How to choose the best white label community software

The most important part of any community platform is (you guessed it!) the community itself. That’s because your community is fueled by your members coming together to master something interesting with each other.

It also means that it’s best to choose a white label community platform that not only allows your members to make connections with each other, but prioritizes those relationships. 

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Here’s the thing, though: Not all community website software is created equally. And surprisingly, not all white label community platforms recognize the inherent power of community. 

But you’ve still got options. 

Preferably, you’re looking for a white label community platform that lets you both deliver a variety of features under your own brand and foster connections between your members.

You’ll want white label community software that:  

  • Lets you painlessly manage your community, from dividing your users into subgroups, to charging for memberships and subscriptions. 

  • Allows you to publish a variety of exclusive multimedia content, including polls, live video, online courses, and more.  

  • Gives you live event options and live streaming.

  • Has a robust, native mobile app that’s available on iOS and Android so that your members can always gain access to your community, no matter where they are. 

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Ahead, we’re looking at some of the best white label community software that meets some or all of those qualifications. 

1. Mighty Pro

Mighty Pro is a website builder and one of the best white label community platforms. With Mighty Pro, you can bring your community, content, and courses together in one place, under your own brand and domain name. Plus, it will be instantly available on the web, iOS and Android with fully branded apps. 

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On Mighty Pro, you’ll be able to publish a variety of content to help jumpstart conversations within your community. It’s also the only white label community app that makes it super easy to divide your community into groups, plus charge for memberships and online courses if you ever decide to scale. 

Here’s what else Mighty Networks offers. 

Effortless community and user management

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With a Mighty Pro, you can manage your community in a variety of ways. You’ll have the option to make your community public, private, or secret; create and charge for access to groups, memberships, and courses; and connect with your community members with polls, Q&As, and live events. 

Loads of content possibilities

There’s also plenty of ways to create and publish content, from a central activity feed where you and your members can share thoughts, ideas and observations, to exclusive online courses that you can set as public, private, or secret.

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If publishing rich-media articles is more your thing, you can do that too, with photos, videos, embeds, and more. On top of that, you can natively livestream within your community, create direct & group chats, and much more.

A dynamic native app like no other

With Mighty Pro, you’ll also get fully branded iOS and Androids apps that are listed right in the App Store and Google Play Store. That means your followers will be able to access your community wherever, whenever. 

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2. Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums is a white label community platform targeted to big brands and organizations that want to increase advocacy and strengthen brand loyalty. With Vanilla Forums, there are a ton of ways for creators to manage their community and engage their members.

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Here’s what else Vanilla Forums offers. 

A straightforward way to maintain your community

Vanilla Forums lets creators publish rich content with text, embedded images, and videos. It also allows hosts and members to form public and private subgroups, managed by either moderators or the members themselves. Users can also post questions and polls.

Vanilla Forums Community

Limited possibilities for content

Vanilla Forums offers a decent amount in the way of letting users connect with each other, but in the end it’s mostly just, well, a forum. Your members will be able to get in touch with each other in a variety of ways, but not much else. 

Additionally, because Vanilla Forums was built with big brands in mind, there’s no real way to  scale into offering membership subscriptions or online courses. Meaning, if you want to expand your community, or monetize it, you’ll have to start from scratch elsewhere. 

3. Disciple

Disciple, a UK-based white label community app, offers a fully-branded platform where creators can grow, engage and monetize their communities. Disciple gives its users a lot of free reign when it comes to customization and member management, but its content options are a bit limited. 

Disciple Community

Here’s what else Disciple offers. 

Lots of ways to manage your community

With Disciple, you can bring your members together with a variety of content, including multimedia posts, live streaming, and more. The white label community app also allows creators to create groups and monitor members’ activity, and offers the ability to generate revenue from subscriptions and paid community access. 

Limited content possibilities

Disciple is a fairly well-rounded white label community app. But the app itself is only available at Disciple’s highest tier. And the highest tier is pricey.

In other words, you have to choose between an affordable tier, with no app access at all, or a more expensive subscription that may have more features than you need. It can be a tough choice to make, especially for people who are starting their community from scratch, or are focusing on a smaller, dedicated group. 

And while Disciple does let you charge for subscriptions, the platform doesn’t let you offer online courses at all. That’s a missed opportunity: Creating an online course is a high value way to keep your members excited, and get them closer to their shared goals. 

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Compared to the competition, Mighty Pro is the only white label community platform that has it all.  

With Mighty Pro, you’ll be able to manage and customize your community; organize your followers into groups and subgroups; charge for memberships and subscriptions; and publish a variety of courses and content.

And you can do it all under your branding, instantly available on web, iOS and Android. That makes a Mighty Pro the best option for white label community software today. 

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