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Finding Your Community's Home

Virtual Conference Platform

When it comes to finding a robust virtual conference platform, there’s only one option that truly delivers more than a digital version of an in-person event.

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Times are changing, and one thing is certain: Virtual conference platforms are more important than ever. In a world where social distancing is the norm and crowding into a space to hear a couple of experts speak just isn’t possible, it’s up to a handful of pieces of virtual conference software to fill the gap and provide a solution.

There are plenty of virtual conference solutions to choose from. But there’s one thing that creators should look for when choosing the best fit. And that’s a virtual conference platform that gives you the tools to build a virtual conference that’s more effective and compelling than its physical counterpart. And there’s only one platform that really, truly delivers: Mighty Networks. 

Below, we’ll define what a virtual conference really is, and then detail why Mighty Networks is the best modern option.

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In this article...

What is a Virtual Conference Platform?

In the most basic terms, a virtual conference platform is a piece of software that provides the tools to create, build, and distribute an online conference

Virtual conferences eliminate many of the logistics involved with in-person events. They also let you bring in a larger, more diverse group of people since your attendees aren’t limited by distance or the cost of getting on a plane. 

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That’s not all. Virtual conferences have the potential to make an even bigger impact when you think of them less as the online version of an in-person event, and more as its own, independent thing. 

A robust virtual conference platform won’t just cover the basics. It will offer creative ways for your participants to interact, too, whether it’s with live text chat, the ability to create breakout groups for deeper connection, or one-on-one direct messaging. 

Enter Mighty Networks. 

With a Mighty Network, you don’t just get a platform with which to run a single virtual conference. You get a place where you can nurture your participants and help them connect with each other outside of your conference, too. It’s the only piece of software that enables you to turn your one-off virtual conference into an online membership or community that lasts way longer than a three-day weekend. 

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Why Mighty Networks is the Best Virtual Conference Platform

There are three main benefits to using Mighty Networks as a virtual conference platform.

1. Customization

When it comes to putting on a virtual conference, you’ll want to look for a virtual conference solution that includes a few must-haves. Think, a schedule of events, a “main stage” for your speakers, and the option for small interactive groups (also known as breakout sessions). 

With a Mighty Network, you get the tools to do all of the above, but there’s also room for extra. That includes:

  • The ability to livestream in your community with live chat

  • Run events with RSVPs and messaging so you can remind members about an event beforehand

  • A calendar view to offer your members a quick glance at all of the awesome activities happening throughout your virtual event

  • In-app Zoom integration for attendees accessing your conference via iOS or Android

  • The ability to set up paid memberships and one-time payments directly within your Mighty Network 

  • Access to advanced community-building tools, like member profiles, direct & group messaging, comments, posts, and more to foster connections between your attendees

Feature Item 2 - Courses

In other words, there are a lot of ways for your attendees to connect. Which leads us to…

2. Different ways to interact

With a Mighty Network, there are a lot of ways to keep people excited and connected, every step of the way. 

This happens in a few different ways. Attendees can see other members in the network that are nearby, members who share the same interests, and more. 

Plus, there are plenty of community engagement features to take advantage of too, from polls and questions to live text chat and direct messaging. And with multiple ways for your attendees to connect and collaborate with each other, they will get way more out of your event. Andyour impact will be longer-lasting.

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3. Long-term collaboration

Speaking of the latter, A Mighty Network gives you the room to engage your attendees before, during, after your event. How? With the space to build a thriving community or membership.

Many Hosts on Mighty Networks, including Peter Diamandis of Abundance 360, and Tara McMullin of the What Works Network, have been building and running virtual conferences within their communities. And that’s in addition to providing online courses, networking opportunities, and more.  


Members of the What Works Network, for example, get access to an ever-growing library of virtual conferences when they join. Additionally, the community regularly builds out brand new virtual conferences with speakers, breakout sessions, and more. These conferences are exclusively targeted to community members, who are all small business owners looking to level up. And they’re seeing more engagement than ever. 

That’s because when you create a community where your attendees can access resources, courses, and more, you give them the opportunity to get added value outside of your virtual conference. And that value lasts much longer than it would with a one-off in-person event. 

And Mighty Networks is the perfect place to get started.

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