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Mighty Encyclopedia

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

What is virtual instructor-led training (VILT)?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a type of synchronous learning in which a teacher educates a learner remotely over the internet. It’s a web-based training that mimics the typical dynamic of a traditional classroom, done live, with an instructor leading and students engaging over the virtual platform–often either by being present on video or asking questions in a chat.

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Although virtual instructor-led training has many of the same features as the traditional classroom, it’s more scalable. Training can be delivered to thousands of students at a time in different locations–especially if it’s designed well.

VILT is becoming common in higher education too. Thousands of college students were shifted to VILT during the pandemic so that they could have the same learning experiences their classrooms would have offered without being in the same room. Virtual instructor-led training in higher ed also allows colleges to decrease high facilities costs required to keep classrooms functioning, as they offer more online.

VILT is also booming in the corporate world. A company can easily hire a teacher for employee education and upskilling who can lead company-wide instruction on a virtual platform. This makes it cost-effective, since neither the instructor nor the learners have to travel for the training, and they can bring in experts from anywhere in the world to teach.

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Instructor-led training can be a great choice for the individual creator too! Even at a smaller scale, VILT allows creators to reach their audience directly and teach what they know with all the benefits and engagement of live learning.

We have lots of fantastic instructors who are running Mighty Networks, using their gifts to teach everything from painting to business. If you’re looking for a place to host virtual instructor-led training, we’ve built a platform that’s perfect for it, with live streaming and communities built in.

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