The Best Alternatives to Substack

Substack is a popular newsletter platform. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best. We’ve got suggestions for platforms that will help your brand grow to new heights.

In recent years, Substack’s newsletter platform has become a lodestar for creators looking to keep their audience updated on their content. But many are finding it a struggle to actually grow their audience on the platform.

The good news is that there are many options on the market for creators to consider transitioning their audience over to. The biggest problem with Substack is that it’s hard to create a sense of community and constantly churning out content won’t solve that problem.

But we’ve got some ideas for other platforms you can consider over Substack that will actually help you build community between the people who follow your work. But before we do that, let’s talk briefly about why creators flocked to Substack in the first place.

What’s the deal with Substack?

Substack burst onto the scene in 2018 as an alternative to the traditional social media platforms that many writers used to share their work. The platform itself offers a streamlined experience for anyone wanting to create a newsletter for their content and build an audience.

What sets Substack apart from many other platforms was its emphasis on allowing creators to brand their newsletters and, more importantly, charge people to access their work. Substack made it much easier for creators to keep their audiences up to date on their content while also creating a space that had glimmers of their own personal aesthetics.

But what many creators have realized is that while they can build an audience of people interested in their work, it’s challenging to keep the energy levels high. What does that mean for these creators? That they are stuck creating an endless amount of new content to keep their brand in the mindshare of their audience.

A master of one

Substack’s platform is quite literally a ‘master of one.’ What we mean is that while they have created a service with simple tools to get creators up and running, their actual feature set is pretty spartan.

While Substack is a great way to build up an email list, gain followers, and share work, you aren’t given many tools to build a community with your newsletter. It might not be apparent to you yet, but the lack of true community support on the platform is a critical oversight with implications for your growth.

Creating a true community around your brand is important because when you connect people together that are interested in your work, they’ll keep the conversation going. When you aren’t left having to constantly stoke the fire, you can focus on continuing to build your brand and releasing quality content.

This is where the alternatives to Substack we alluded to early come into play. We’ve compiled a few different options that all tackle the problem in different ways, but we do think there is a clear winner. Why spoil the fun though? Let’s dive into some of our favorite Substack alternatives.

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Four alternatives to Substack

We believe that the best alternatives to Substack will allow you to continue the great things you started on their platform while also providing you more options to grow.


One of the main reasons creators were drawn to Substack was the ability to charge a subscription for their work.

Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators of all sorts to run a subscription service for their content. Unlike Substack where you simply charge people for access, Patreon provides creators more business tools to experiment with offering content in the first place.

A big draw of the platform is the ability for Patreon creators to provide incentives outside of their content for people subscribing. A creator can make different subscription tiers on their Patreon page that will provide subscribers different bonuses. And those bonuses could be something like a weekly Zoom hangout, a personal handwritten letter, input on a future piece of content, behind-the-scenes access, and more.

Patreon is a great platform for creators trying to keep a sense of autonomy with their work and who want to experiment with different tiers of subscriptions. When you transition to this platform your audience becomes “patrons” and can engage with you in a variety of different ways. It’s not a true community, but it gives you some more options.


Medium is a well-known free blogging platform that many creators use to post their work and gain a following.

The platform has garnered a lot of attention for bringing in amateur writers who are just starting out, as well as known media publications. Medium is another simple and easy place to post your work with beautiful formatting and no requirement for web design experience. And on top of that, creators who post on Medium can also get paid through a partner program that pays based on total article read time.

The platform has listened to creator feedback too. Recently, they incorporated a newsletter feature, so not only can you host your work on their platform, but you can also create a curated newsletter to send out to your growing subscriber list.  Best of all, Medium’s newsletter (and publishing features) are free for creators to use.


Another alternative to Substack is a platform called Ghost. Outside of having a cool name they are serious about providing creators with the tools to build a membership service for their content.

Ghost’s platform has a simple and clean aesthetic and that philosophy extends into providing creators with features to give their audience a great user experience. But similar to Substack, they really are a master of one thing and that’s publishing. Creators who use Ghost can focus on creating awesome content and building real connections with their audience while also charging a recurring subscription fee.

Unlike Patreon, Ghost keeps it simple by only allowing for the option of a monthly recurring fee. Its platform is also open-source, so you can customize it (if you have the technical know-how).

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The best alternative to Substack is more than a newsletter

While all of the options listed above are doing interesting things, and certainly more than what you get on Substack, they aren’t the best option. In fact, our first point of advice is to think bigger than newsletters, and content creation in general.

Creating a community around your brand is the key to unlocking new growth for your business. And that means the best choice is an online community platform.  What we’ve created at Mighty Networks is what you need to bring your business to new heights.

We launched back in 2017 and our platform has quickly come to define how a creator can build a community and a thriving digital business.

Our platform offers you a beautiful design that is all under your own brand. Additionally, we offer a native mobile app experience on both iOS and Android, full access to member data, and the opportunity to message all members at any time. When you create a Mighty Network you’re bringing together your audience into a private network where they can truly form deep connections with one another.

The best alternative to Substack will also give you more than you expect. In addition to world-class community features, you can expand your business into the world of online courses, and even hold virtual events. Even if these things aren’t something on your radar right now, why bar yourself from them in the future? Just in case you’re curious about what else you can do on our platform, here’s a few more features:

  • Your community on Web, iOS, and Android apps.
  • Discussion board posts, polls, and Q&As.
  • Live and pre-recorded videos.
  • Direct messaging and member profiles.

Our platform is all about providing creators and their members an ever-expanding experience, so when you’re ready to try something new, it’s all there waiting for you.

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Start building a community on Mighty Networks 

At the end of the day, Substack is a good place to start building an audience around your brand, but the platform won’t grow with you.

We believe that building communities is not only the key to growing a business, but also making the world a better place. Why settle for a platform that fragments your audience, and has no plans of developing the tools for you to make the best decisions possible for your business?

When you build a community on a Mighty Network, your content is accessible to your members anywhere, and your members have the tools to continue the conversation after you’ve left. Don’t settle for a newsletter when the better options are clearly in view.

Let’s start creating the next chapter for your brand together!

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