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Mighty Encyclopedia

Community Software

What is community software?

The terms community software and community platform are one and the same. Community software gives you the tools to build a robust, dedicated online community. Great community software is also cultural software, letting you bring together content, community, courses, and commerce to bring value to your members.

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Modern community software platforms offer even more ways to make running a community even easier. Think online courses that help members get that much closer to their goals; private or premium groups where people can focus more deeply on a specific topic; and a native mobile app that lets members check in from wherever they may be.

What is white label community software?

White label community software (sometimes called a white label community platform) is a piece of software that’s pre-built for communities. They enable creators to customize the look, feel, and features of their online communities without starting from scratch.

In that vein, white label community software is a good option for creators looking to save money, time, and the frustrations associated with building a community platform from the ground up.

Community software examples

Below are a few examples of community software that enables creators to build their own communities, memberships, and more.

  • Hivebrite is a community platform geared towards alumni communities. Features wise, it offers the essentials: Think groups, messaging, and a forum where users can exchange ideas. However, it lacks more robust community platform features. There’s no option for live events, and therefore no capability for live Q&A sessions, live group-coaching, or virtual events like conferences.

  • Tribe is a white label community software solution aimed at big businesses that want to add a community component to their existing site. Members can log on and start discussions, share content, participate in polls and more. Still, they don’t have much in the way of more robust community features: There’s no way to create and host online courses or live events, members can’t directly message each other, and it’s impossible to monetize—meaning you can’t use it to lay the foundation for a membership-based site.

  • Mighty Networks is a community software platform that puts all the features you need to run an online community in one place: subscriptions, memberships, courses, and much more, instantly available on the web and via native mobile apps. Mighty Networks also offers robust community features, from polls and direct & group messaging, to live events and paid groups.

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