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5 Landing Page Examples to Help You Sell a High-Ticket Online Course and Paid Community

Trying to effectively sell a high-ticket online course or paid community? Here are five effective landing pages to help you convert more traffic into paying members.

By James Mulvey, Director of Mighty Pro Marketing

May 29, 2022

8 min read

If you’re tasked with growing sales, improving your landing pages is the most obvious place to start.

I’ve collected examples of high-performing landing pages from creators and brands offering high-ticket courses, paid communities, group coaching, and premium membership programs.

These examples come from paid memberships hosted on Mighty Pro that are performing well, as well as industry examples that are popular with their target audience.

Demand Curve Community

Demand Curve is an online community that serves demand generation marketers, offering a place for them to exchange tactical growth advice.

While the old “strip of credibility logos” is an overused and bland tactic for software company websites, Demand Curve has used it with an effective twist here. Using logos from well-known companies, they’ve made it instantly clear that this community is filled with practitioners at top tech companies, making the FOMO ring loud and clear.

Demand CurveDemand Curve

The effectiveness of this tactic is that they keep the idea running. If they had just left it with the standard collection of logos, it wouldn’t make much of an impact. But later on the page, they highlight members from these companies, showing that this is the real thing.

Demand CurveDemand Curve

This shows that Demand Curve gets the core value of a professional network: it’s all about the peer-to-peer intelligence and people you’ll meet, not content or courses or video libraries.

Even further, they post actual questions people are asking in the community. These sample questions are filled with specifics and unique information that only a demand marketer would understand, and it is completely persuasive. This is subtly different than posting member reviews or testimonials. Rather than telling, they’re showing the actual value you’ll get.

Demand CurveDemand Curve

The most effective technique to copy from Demand Curve is how they run one idea—this community is filled with top demand generation marketers from top companies—all the way down the page, starting with a high-level expression (company logos), the next level of specifics (photos of members from those companies with relevant titles), and an undeniable level of specificity with real questions.

Zach Bush & The Journey of Intrinsic Health Community

When selling a premium membership, every detail matters. As the advertising legend, David Ogilvy put it, “the personality of a product is an amalgam of many things—its name, its packaging, its price, the style of its advertising, and, above all, the nature of the product itself.”

For a demonstration of a premium program that is packaged beautifully, take a look at Zach Bush’s The Journey of Intrinsic Health program. The Journey of Intrinsic Health program offers high-value group coaching, paid community, and a flagship online course.

The Journey of Intrinsic HealthThe Journey of Intrinsic Health

Zach Bush is a board-certified physician and influencer in the health care industry. He offers an incredible membership, with direct access to him, group coaching, a community experience, and an immersive online course.

The biggest takeaway from his landing page is the use of signaling.

In behavioral economics, signaling is how we tell buyers in the marketplace that we are trustworthy sellers.

More specifically, effective marketers know that the perceived investment—particularly with marketing tactics that require more time, more energy, and more resources to do—increases credibility and strengthens perceptions of brand quality.

Zach Bush uses one of the most effective ways to signal a high-quality product—professional video production. Using a well-produced video demonstrates to buyers that you’ve invested significant time and resources into your product, increasing the credibility that your product will live up to its promises.

Not only is the video well-produced but it’s filled with bold emotion. The video begins with a mediation on the silence of outer space, particles, and gravitational force.

This expansive introduction is tied back to the themes of meditation which taps the human brain into the “intensity, the weight and mass of the silence of the universe.” Zach’s rich emotional language leads us into the course content which is all about the journey into health, breathwork, and spiritual reconnection.

The second signal is a “journey box.” This beautifully designed object reinforces the premium nature of the course and community journey, demonstrating that this will truly be an immersive experience.

The Journey of Intrinsic HealthThe Journey of Intrinsic Health

The final signal is how the coaching and course experience will be delivered. You won’t be joining a Facebook Group or getting a login to a clunky WordPress membership site.

The Journey of Intrinsic HealthThe Journey of Intrinsic Health

Members access the coaching, course journey, and private community via Zach’s custom iOS and Android mobile apps, all consistently branded with the website’s aesthetic. This gives members a single platform to take the course, chat live with other students, ask questions, and join live coaching events.

It’s important to know that signaling also works the other way around. If you don’t invest in professional design and high production marketing assets, you can signal that your company is struggling. If you offer a $1000 online course and paid community and send people a Google Drive folder and login to a public Facebook Group or bland Slack channel, you can signal a lack of scarcity.

Do an audit of your existing packaging and aesthetics—is everything signaling a premium and high-value experience?

Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective)

Pavilion is a private membership for high-growth marketing professionals with a reputation for serving elite marketing leaders with a priceless professional network.

While their landing page is fairly typical (well-designed and professional), they do an exceptional job on the sign-up flow.
What’s very clear is that this is a true application, increasing the scarcity and eliteness of the community. It’s not hype either. Pavilion holds the key to a powerful network and specialized content if you can get in.

Pavilion’s application process includes 25 questions including revenue, job title, address, email address, and more. They break their membership into different tiers. For example, I’m a director so they recommend a specific package for me. If I was a CMO, they’d recommend a higher-level package.

An absolute golden question they ask during the application process is why you’re joining the community. This information can be used to sharpen your community’s Big Purpose which is essentially the value proposition of your community. It’s what everyone will do together, driving towards some kind of goal.

Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective)Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective)

What I took away most from this landing page is that Pavilion is not relying on cheap marketing psychology tricks to persuade people. Pavilion is the real deal with a strong brand and confidence in their paid membership.

This confidence expresses itself in the words they use to reinforce their premium value. You don’t purchase or “add your membership to your cart”; it’s a “membership application.” You don’t pay monthly subscription fees; they are your “member dues.” You don’t get a demo or webinar to explore membership options; you attend a “membership info session.”

With your own landing pages, look again at the language you use for core conversion moments. Is there a way to choose more specific words to better reflect the type of experience you’re offering?

The Support System

Founded by Sheri Salata, former Executive Producer of the Oprah Show and bestselling author, The Support System is a private membership for women interested in personal development. The community features signature workshops, expert-led masterclasses, and a loving community.

The most impactful thing about their landing page is the use of beautiful illustrations to create a unique design and unmistakable vibe. It’s hard to imagine the same effect with real-life photography or stock images.

The Support System The Support System

Getting an illustrator to design custom images takes time but is also difficult for your competitors to replicate—what harder to replicate things could you do to make your landing page stand out? Getting custom illustrations is another form of signaling and works well with memberships that want a softer edge, creating a welcoming space with a distinctive brand.

The Accountable Leaders Community

The Accountable Leaders Community was founded by the New York Times bestselling author & leadership coach, Dr. Vince Molinaro. Vince and his team help companies improve business performance by creating strong leadership cultures where leaders at all levels step up and demonstrate accountability.

The Accountable Leaders CommunityThe Accountable Leaders Community

Vince created the Accountable Leaders Community to bring existing alumni and followers of his work together, and to create a consolidated space for new and existing clients to pursue accountable leadership through access to courses, special events, tools & templates as well as access to a network of seasoned business leaders.

To sell their high-ticket membership, his team uses a powerful ‘Year in a Life’ approach, helping people imagine the results and transformation they’ll get by joining.

The Accountable Leaders CommunityThe Accountable Leaders Community

As we teach in our Community Design(™) Accelerator, people don’t join memberships for more content or events. They care about the results and transformation you’ll deliver.

How can you better help people clearly see their future selves in a year, making the benefits of your program clear and personal?

The biggest takeaway from these paid community landing pages is that there is no golden conversion technique or best practice that you absolutely need to include. Each landing page we looked at takes a different approach.

But what is consistent is that they’re all clear on the promise they’re offering—whether it is access to an elite community of demand generation marketers or an immersive health learning journey or a friendly community to support personal development—and the language, aesthetics, and packaging perfectly express the promise.

This all begins by sharpening your value proposition. Having a clear picture of what you’re offering and who your courses and coaching programs are designed to serve makes everything so much easier.

If you want the secret to creating an undeniably awesome and specific value proposition for your paid community, watch this free livestream by our CEO. It’s filled with tangible techniques we've learned from helping thousands of communities refine who they serve and how they attract new members.

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