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4 (High-Ticket) Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches (2024)

Let your high value content do the heavy lifting. We break down the strategies for four successful entrepreneurs’ lead magnets to see how they work.

By Mighty Team

April 13, 2023

11 min read



    The best entrepreneurs know that making a great first impression is essential for making a successful business.

    Creating a lead magnet that captures someone’s attention and curiosity is the name of the game, but how do you go about making one?

    We analyzed four successful entrepreneurs on Mighty Networks who have created high-converting lead magnets for their businesses, and we’re going to show you the secrets to their success.

    By the end of this article, you’ll have four proven frameworks for building outstanding lead magnets for your business.


    1. Code Red

    Code Red is a multi-million dollar weight loss coaching company founded by Cristy “Code Red” Nickel.

    Her Code Red nutrition program and coaching business has skyrocketed over the years, and her members are achieving weight loss results they’d never thought possible. She achieved this viral growth for her business by having an outstanding lead magnet that quickly converts people into repeat buyers of her products.

    Her highly converting lead magnet is the “The 10 Pound Takedown Challenge,” which guarantees folks who sign-up for the $27 program can lose ten pounds without supplements, medicine, or working out.

    Let’s break down how she gets people in the door.

    It starts with targeted social media ads like this one above. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, Cristy posits a simple question: ‘do you want to lose a few pounds?’ and guarantees she has the expertise to help you achieve it.

    This initial stage is all about aspiration, about getting people interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

    When you click the ad, you’re taken right into her first sales funnel which she’s created in ClickFunnels.

    Once you’re in her sales funnel, it’s all about converting you quickly. Cristy promises you can lose ten pounds without any supplements or exercise. While simple, it's important to break down why this product has been so successful and earned millions of dollars for Cristy. It's all about the hook.

    The hook is that you're not quite sure how exactly she is able to get you to lose weight without supplements, diets, pills, or exercise. This offer would be way less effective if she removed this curiosity and explained how it works. The curiosity pulls you in—and with Cristy's results and credibility, there's little doubt that you will lose weight with her system.

    She then presents three “challenges” that speak to her ideal customer’s journey and why they are here.

    Throughout the rest of the lead magnet landing page, Cristy details her own background in health, wealthness, and fitness, and then details what customers will receive for purchasing the challenge.

    So, how does this grow her membership business? Everyone who buys the 10 Pound Takedown Challenge gets invited into Cristy’s private membership community app hosted on Mighty Pro to participate in a special group for all the challenge participants. This is where the magic happens.
    Once buyers join her online community, she can then more easily target them from her other products, experiences, and courses, sending members up her value ladder.

    In the past, Cristy relied on offering her courses, challenges, and coaching piecemeal across a variety of platforms. Through merging her business into an all-in-one platform, she’s simplified her customer’s journey and is more easily able to target them with new content.

    For Code Red their value ladder looks like this:

    • Lead Magnet: The 10 Pound Takedown Challenge priced at $27 and includes community membership.

    • Intro Offer: A premium course like their $197 “What’s Eating You” course once members are inside the community.

    • Core Offer: A premium Home Study program for members to continue hitting their weight loss and health goals priced at $397.

    • Level Up Offer: Personalized coaching from Cristy and her team of certified coaches priced at $1,164/year.

    The key takeaway from the Code Red lead magnet is that simplicity reigns supreme and speaking to your customer’s aspirational goals first is a highly effective way to convert them.

    2. Hey U Human

    Hey U Human helps people manage stress, improve their sleep, and achieve greater focus in their health and business goals.

    Within the community, members participate in monthly events, courses, training and support sessions all about developing habits for managing all of the stresses happening in our lives.

    Sara Longoria, the mastermind behind Hey U Human has tapped into viral growth for her business through using free content across social media to funnel people into her membership community.

    She takes a similar approach to Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, but instead of offering a paid challenge as her lead magnet, she offers a wide range of tips, insights, and free webinars across her social channels all designed to get people to join her free community.

    Let’s break down Hey U Human’s approach.

    Sara’s lead magnets are designed to show her journey from an anxious, despairing person constantly stressed about debt into a multi-million dollar business owner who turned her bad experiences into valuable life lessons.

    When you check out her free live event, you’re taken to a beautiful lead magnet for her Rapid Relief Technique (RRT) event series. This event series packs on the value by offering three video modules teaching people techniques for combating stress, anxiety, and productivity blockers and it invites them into her free membership community.

    Once members join the RRT event, they gain access to the Hey U Human community where a plethora of courses, live training, and coaching opportunities are housed. Just like Code Red, the free events are a great way to funnel new members into your growing membership business and continue to propel them up your value ladder.

    For Hey U Human their value ladder looks like this:

    • Lead Magnet: A free workshop hosted in their community. After the workshop, people get access to their free community.

    • Intro Offer: A premium course like their “Chakra Healing Course” priced at $97 once members are inside the community.

    • Core Offer: A year-long premium community membership for $997. This is a 16-module program with weekly coaching, live training, and an exclusive-members only group.

    • Level Up Offer: Certification programs with two levels. The first level of certification is $3,000. The second level of certification is $7,000.

    A small aspect I love on their lead magnet is the 100% satisfaction guaranteed. While at a base level, providing this statement in your funnel showcases your confidence in the content, I love that Sara goes a step further and pokes fun at the fact that, of course there is a 100% money-back guarantee because it’s free!

    Moments of levity showcase that your perspective is different from the many other course creators offering similar experiences.

    3. Zach Bush’s Journey of Intrinsic Health

    Zach Bush is a board-certified physician and influencer in the healthcare industry. The Journey of Intrinsic Health is an eight-week program that invites members to transform the way they think about health.

    This paid membership community is built around the philosophies and insights of Zach Bush, MD. It includes his flagship course, a supportive community, the option of personalized 1:1 or group coaching, and livestreaming events.

    For Zach Bush’s lead magnets he provides a peek into the valuable content that he offers within his paid membership community. He does this through offering free webinars across his various social media platforms.

    During their most recent push for membership, Bush released a webinar called “The Anatomy of Transformation.” This webinar details the eight points of intrinsic health — the foundational building blocks of wellbeing brought forth from a diverse understanding of integrative medicine.

    At the end of the webinar, Bush asks viewers to join the community while there’s still time left to enroll.

    What sets the Journey of Intrinsic Health apart from other examples on this list is that Bush’s membership community utilizes a cohort-based model that opens for enrollment at certain times of the year. Once all the slots are filled, enrollment is closed. So, his free webinars coincide with his enrollment pushes.

    A key takeaway from Zach Bush’s Journey of Intrinsic Health is just how enticing cohort-based course models can be for funneling new people into your membership communities.

    It creates urgency and once you’ve created the content for your community, you can easily recycle it into free webinar events to get prospective members interested when you’re driving memberships.

    For Journey of Intrinsic Health their value ladder looks like this:

    Lead Magnet: Free webinar like “The Anatomy of Transformation” offered through his various social media platforms.
    Intro Offer: Their “Group Immersion” for $997 which provides group coaching, exclusive video lessons, one-year of membership access, and more.
    Core Offer: “Ultimate Immersion” which offers everything included in the “Group Immersion” offer, but more personalized with 1:1 coaching for $1,797.
    Level UP Offer: Certification program to become a Journey of Intrinsic Health Coach called “The Coaches Journey” a 4-Month Coaching Program that costs $3,497.

    4. The Wall Street Trapper

    The Wall Street Trapper aka Leon Howard has built a multi-million dollar business by teaching people the fundamentals of investing and wealth management, especially in the Black community.

    He’s a self-made millionaire with a journey that took him from serving 10 years in prison to building his own courses, live events, and a very successful wealth building community.

    Howard has become an expert at leveraging his large social media following to educate his followers on investing in the stock market.

    All of that free advice has built his authority in the space and propels his followers to become active participants in the free webinar events he offers, which are tentpoles in his lead magnet strategy.

    His free webinar events generate an astronomical amount of leads for his business. For example, his event “Wired For Wealth,” a four-day webinar series, had over 50,000 people register.

    Unlike everyone else on this list, Howard doesn’t use the free webinar series to convert people into paying members of his paid membership community, Trapper’s Anonymous.

    Instead, he uses his free webinar as the lead magnet to then offer viewers paid event series that build upon the fundamental knowledge he gives away for free. An example of this is his $97 three-day event series “How To Build A Powerful, Profitable Portfolio.”

    He also has a “premium” offer baked into this event series in the form of a VIP ticket for $297 which grants attendees an exclusive Q&A session and an assortment of his ebooks.

    I find this an interesting proposition on Howard’s part. He isn’t interested in immediately funneling in every person who has bought a product of his into his paid membership community, Trapper’s Anonymous.

    Instead, he presents immense value in the form of one-off webinars and then reserves his community for more diehard investors.

    By offering his community experience, Trapper’s Anonymous, at the middle of his value ladder, priced at $47/month or $480/year, he is curating his audience to be high-intent users who will be active contributors in his community, further increasing its value.

    For Wall Street Trapper their value ladder looks like this:

    • Lead Magnet: Leverage free advice and resources on social media and invite followers to a free webinar series like his “Wired for Wealth” webinar.

    • Intro Offer: After the free event, he offers a paid event series. For example, he is currently selling his 3-day bootcamp called “Powerful, Profitable, Portfolio,” priced at $97.

    • Core Offer: The next step in his value ladder is to join his paid community, hosted on Mighty Networks, Trappers Anonymous. Priced at $47/month or $480/year.

    • Level Up Offer: Within his paid community he encourages members to enroll in his “Wall Street Trappin Course”, an ultimate guide to the stock market, priced at $997. He also offers an Options Masterclass for $3,500 which opens up a few times per year. A few times a year, he offers in-person training events. His last one had 500 people.

    If you want to learn more about how you can leverage great lead magnets and create a value ladder that works for building a thriving online community, watch this free livestream by our CEO on the top on “The Value Journey.” It’s jam packed with actionable advice, information case studies, and frameworks for you to put into practice for your own business.

    Unlike everyone else on this list, Howard doesn’t use the free webinar series to convert people into paying members of his paid membership community, Trapper’s Anonymous.

    Instead, he uses his free webinar as the lead magnet to then offer viewers paid event series that build upon the fundamental knowledge he gives away for free. An example of this is his $97 three-day event series “How To Build A Powerful, Profitable Portfolio.”

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