The Math Behind Your Own Native Mobile Apps

What's possible if you could deliver your online courses, community, payments, and more on every platform–especially the one that matters the most?

It happens in nearly every call I have. 

When I show an author, a founder, a podcaster, a professional organization, or a digital agency the bottom line return on investment 💰when you make launching your own native mobile apps a priority, I hear the same thing:

“Wow. That math WORKS.”

And it does. 

Especially with “custom-ish development,” or what’s quickly emerging as a much more cost-effective way of launching your own branded experience on every platform–especially on the only platform people actually come back to and make a habit, native mobile.


Custom-ish development is rapidly and profoundly changing online businesses: 

  • It gives brands a reason to charge a premium for delivering thriving online courses.
  • It integrates community and online courses in the same place to increase completion rates, build new habits, and let your members see pretty amazing results quickly.
  • It takes direct payments for memberships, courses, or both–all in one place, all under your brand, and all instantly available on every platform.  
  • It does all of it at a fraction of the cost of custom development, ensuring it can pay for itself quickly.

Here are just a few of the results we’re seeing with custom-ish development:

  • An author launched a new 7-figure revenue stream with online courses.
  • A podcaster is selling new 5-figure annual memberships.
  • A professional organization 3x their renewals and delivered the best annual conference in years.
  • A yoga instructor doubled her members to 90,000 people in ONE MONTH.

To understand just how profitable choosing custom-ish development will be for you, there are three simple questions we love to ask.

Ready for them?

Here we go: 

What’s possible if you replace the fragmented mess of services you may be using today to deliver your community, website, online courses, memberships, sales pages, payments, and more with your own branded experience across every platform?

  1. Will more people find you, use you, and stick with your membership or programs to achieve better results faster?
  2. And, if more people achieve better results faster, won’t there be A LOT more people who will buy from you?
  3. Then, as more and more of these people buy, won’t you *also* be able to charge more money for what you offer? (remember: people pay for results)

“Hold up,” you may be saying. “Are you telling me that I could both grow faster AND charge more for what I’m offering today?”

That’s exactly what I’m saying. 

With custom-ish development, you can raise your prices AND grow faster because everything is in one place, you can deliver your content and community on native mobile, and, as a result, you are poised to deliver amazing results for your people. 

Recently, one of our Mighty Networks Hosts sold $56,052 in their *first 2 weeks of pre-sales for their first ever online course.* With just one course and 2 weeks of pre-sales, custom-ish development more than paid for itself. 

And they are just getting started.  

Now, this is just the math of custom-ish development and investing in your own native mobile apps. As you can see, it’s extremely profitable. 

But that’s only the beginning.

Custom-ish development is also a gorgeous experience that will unlock your ability to create a brand with even more additional revenue streams, many of which you can’t even predict when you get started.

Want to see for yourself? 

Preview what YOUR BRAND can look like when you choose custom-ish development here. 👇