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How to Create an App Without Coding

Over the past year, a new way to create your own app has emerged that’s specifically designed for you to create your own app without any coding. It’s called “custom-ish” app development.

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by Phillip Russell

Apr 8

So, you want to create your own app. 

You know the power of having your own app with your people wherever they go. You’re already picturing them reaching in their pocket and opening your app:

  • When they wake up in the morning.

  • When they’re getting ready for work.

  • On their commute.

  • When they’re bored.

  • When they need answers.

  • When they want to share a challenge or a win.

There’s only one thing standing in the way of you creating your own app. You don’t know how to code. How the heck are you supposed to create your own iPhone or Android app that you know will change people’s lives without coding today?

How much does it cost it create an app with custom development?

Up until recently, the only option you had for creating your own app was hiring a custom development firm. While it’s a better option than going back to school and getting a degree in Computer Science, there are three big problems with choosing custom development to create your own app:

It’s expensive. Custom app development, especially for creating your own mobile app, can cost anywhere from $500,000 to over $1 million dollars or more. And that’s for just ONE platform – either creating an iPhone app OR an Android one. Sadly, creating your own app on both platforms will double your budget. 

It takes a really long time. When you are starting from scratch to create your own app, it’s time consuming to create an app, especially if you aren’t doing the coding (someone still has to write the code, even if it’s not you). When you choose custom development as your “no code” option, it can take six months to take a year or even more to get something that’s usable. 

It’s risky. While the benefit of choosing custom development to create your own app is that you can define exactly what you want it to do (which is fun), if you haven’t created your own app before, there’s a lot of risk in getting a custom development firm to build one. There’s the risk that you build the wrong app, and then have no budget to continue to maintain and update it to ultimately create the right app. There’s also the risk that you trust the wrong firm, they build an app that’s buggy, doesn’t work as intended, or falls over on your launch day because it wasn’t designed to support the traffic you got. 

These are the realities of creating your own app using custom development today. 

What’s a person who wants to create an app without coding to do?

Your own app with no code

Over the past year, a new way to create your own app has emerged that’s specifically designed for you to create your own app without any coding. Using SaaS platforms like Mighty Pro, creators, organizations, and agencies can get their own fully-branded apps with none of the headaches of custom development.

  1. Add your branding and visuals.

  2. Choose your features.

  3. Drop in your content, online courses, and more.

  4. Decide if you are going to make it free or charge.

So, how does this work? 

The platform is already built to quickly spin up your own app with a ton of choices built-in for customizing it without a line of code either upfront or as you change things over time. 

Here are a few examples of what I mean by creating your own fully-branded app and the development process:

  • Want to launch your own brand on your own native mobile apps? No coding.

  • Want to add a community under your brand? No coding.

  • Want to launch an online course in your community? Still no coding.

  • Want to charge for that online course? Nope, still no coding.

  • Want to add a sales funnel for that paid online course? Still no coding.

You get the idea. There’s no coding required to have any of these features on your own branded app.

Are you ready to explore creating your own apps?

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