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Why You Should Move Your Kajabi Courses and Community to Mighty Pro

It's easy to sell courses with Kajabi. But Kajabi lacks serious community and membership management features. Here's why moving to Mighty Pro will unlock your next level in growth.

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by Phillip Russell

Apr 25

You’re going into another successful year running your online course business on Kajabi, but the biggest thorn in your side is managing your online community in conjunction with it. We have the solution to your problems.

While Kajabi is an excellent software platform for marketing and selling online courses, we've helped hundreds of high-profile creators move from Kajabi to Mighty Pro and build fully-branded apps that house not only their courses and content but also their growing communities in one place.

Ahead, we’re breaking down why you should move your Kajabi courses and community to Mighty Pro, and how that migration will unlock new opportunities for your business.

Community is more than a Facebook Group

When you think about the best communities you’ve been a part of, you probably think of the deep connections you’ve formed with the people within the community, in addition to the topic or idea that brought you into the fold in the first place.

People want to spend their time in places where they feel seen, heard, and acknowledged. Facebook Groups and other community features that rely on message boards alone simply aren’t the kinds of experiences that make them want to spend time there.

You’ve probably realized the importance of building communities for your Kajabi courses and started using Kajabi’s Community product because you were sick of managing your Facebook Group in conjunction with your Kajabi courses. But in reality, when you examine the features of Kajabi Communities you are at best getting a stand-in for Facebook Groups, providing decent discussion board-based interactivity, but why migrate your community from one platform to another if you’re getting basically the same experience?

A community is more than a message board, it’s more than “liking” posts and consuming content. Mighty Pro was designed with community being the tentpole connecting all of your products from courses, events, live streams, paid memberships, and more together in one fully-branded mobile app.

Why is that important? Because the Mighty Pro platform, unlike Kajabi’s Community features has developed community into the very fabric of how you and your members interact with your online courses and content.

Your courses, your community, your brand, your apps

Another major reason course creators are moving from Kajabi to Mighty Pro is that the mobile experience on Kajabi is just too limited. Instead of getting your own fully-branded app experience, creators are stuck using a Kajabi branded app, forcing their members to sift through cumbersome menus to access course and community content.

Mighty Pro is providing a fully-branded app with a completely cohesive experience for creators and their members. Courses blend seamlessly with their community and the content is accessible across web and mobile devices giving more options and flexibility to everyone.

Many creators are coming to Mighty Pro because they realize that the communities they are building across so many disparate platforms aren’t built to last. While they accrue larger followers as their businesses grow, it becomes harder and harder to actually create lasting connections with and between members when you don’t own your space.

There are multiple ways to migrate your business off Kajabi effectively
While Mighty Pro platform is providing course creators a more impactful experience for creating content and communities that connect their members like never before, there are a number of successful online course creators who still use Kajabi to host their courses and Mighty Pro for their community.

You could be a course creator who is making six or seven figures on your online course business alone. I understand why you may not way to rock the boat too drastically and attempt a full-on migration of your business. But I would challenge you to see the forest for the trees: you can actually make even more revenue by having an amazing community experience.

Currently, you may even be charging a fee for your Kajabi Community, but the reality is that the features their product offers you are limited and not currently built in a way that will present you with new monetization options.

Imagine this, you have your online courses on Kajabi, and then a paid community membership that you charge a premium for. Why are people joining the community? Because you offer robust virtual events, interactive livestreams, a fully-branded app that your members can access anywhere, and more.

Sophia Amoruso’s The Business Class & The Lounge

Business Class

A perfect example of a world-renowned entrepreneur that has taken this approach to her digital business is Sophia Amoruso. She is a successful entrepreneur, New York Times Bestselling Author, and the founder of Girlboss and Nasty Gal.

With years of experience starting multimillion-dollar business ventures, Amoruso offers an online course through Kajabi called “Business Class.” Over 8 weeks, members learn skills to develop their brand, marketing, legal knowledge, leadership skills, and more so they can succeed in growing their small businesses.

Amoruso has found success through building out her online course modules on Kajabi but needed a more robust option for community than what Kajabi offered. She chose Mighty Pro as the destination for her online community The Lounge which acts as a private membership community for those who are (or have taken) The Business Class to network with other entrepreneurs, ask questions, and receive advice from industry experts.

Commune & Commune Community

Commune Community

Another great example of a successful online course business on Kajabi that leverages the community building power of Mighty Pro is from Commune. Commune is a premier media company for personal and societal well-being and has focused on providing robust online courses powered by Kajabi. Their online courses cover a variety of topics relating to global wellness, personal growth, mental health, and more. In addition to offering a wide assortment of courses with teachers like Marianne Williamson, Russell Brand, Deepak Chopra, and more.

In addition to their online courses, Commune has a bustling online community with over 100k members on a Mighty Pro called “Commune Community.” On their private paid social network members are able to connect over course material, share insights from their own lives, pose questions, offer advice, and more.

Aaron Doughty’s HighViber

HighViber App

Aaron Doughty is a successful Youtuber with over 1 million followers. On his channel he provides practical life-advice, meditation, his teachings expand people’s consciousness in ways they never expected.

While he continued to thrive creating new video content, he realized that it was increasingly important to scale his business and grow a community on a platform that would provide him with his own space to grow. He collaborated with us at Mighty Pro for a number of reasons, here’s what he told us, “Mighty Pro allowed me to fully realize my vision for the HighViber community. The ability to bring my customers together in one place has been what I’ve dreamed of since I started my business.”

Since Doughty launched the HighViber community on Mighty Pro he’s had almost 18,000 members join the community, interact with his branded mobile apps, and participate in an array of challenges and networking opportunities. Now, Doughty is eyeing in-person events and using Mighty Pro to create hybrid experiences where members of the HighViber community can participate in-person or virtually. These types of experiences weren’t possible for Doughty before Pro, and it’s been an exciting avenue to explore for expanding his business.

Start building your future today

Both of these examples showcase great alternatives to fully migrating off of Kajabi if you’re satisfied with the infrastructure you’ve built for your courses on their platform. More and more, successful creators from a plethora of different industries.

I believe that the future of online courses will rely on a community-centered approach from creators. People around the world want to learn new things together with other people, and even more so, they want to stay in contact with those who are on similar journeys, and Mighty Pro is paving the way for creators around the world to accomplish these ideals right now.

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