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The 5 Best White-Label Coaching Apps of 2024

If you’re ready to build a white-label coaching app under your brand, here’s where to turn.

By Mighty Team

April 23, 2024

8 min read



    With the explosion of online coaching, and the industry growing 54% to $20 billion in 2022, it’s a good time to be a coach. People are hiring coaches for everything from dating to work to fitness, and the market is strong.

    But there are also a lot of coaches out there. And one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded field is to run a high-value coaching program on your own app. When coaches send high-ticket clients to Facebook groups or have them download a Kajabi app, it really doesn’t send the message that they’re running a premium service.

    The answer is a coaching app. Not under someone else’s brand. Under yours. In this post, we’ll introduce you to 5 software options that will give you your own white-label coaching app.


    What is a white-label app?

    A white-label app is a software solution for mobile–a native app–that’s built by a third-party company and branded to fit your needs.

    In most cases, the white-label app development company specializes in creating a certain solution, and they resell it to multiple buyers with custom branding.

    MN - Graphics - 2024 - OE-DiscoveryMN - Graphics - 2024 - OE-Discovery

    Benefits of a white-label app

    There are some real benefits to choosing a white-label app instead of building something custom.

    • White-label app companies specialize in one thing, in some cases offering a higher quality of app than you could get even with a custom build

    • These companies often make improvements proactively and for all clients–meaning you can get constant improvements without paying for new development

    • Many offer ongoing product support–you don’t need to call a developer when something breaks

    • You can still have a lot of customization options to showcase your brand

    • White-label apps often have the feel of a custom app, but come at a much lower price point

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    MN - Graphics - 2024 OE-Course-previewMN - Graphics - 2024 OE-Course-preview

    Features of white-label apps for coaching

    The exact features you need will depend a bit on your coaching style and business operations. But here are some of the common features you can watch for in a white-label coaching app.

    • Community and discussion forums

    • Creating programs

    • Building live or pre-recorded courses

    • Livestreaming

    • Content options (video, long- and short-form, polls and questions)

    • Event scheduling & calendar

    • Push notifications

    • Flexible Spaces

    • Custom branding options

    • Built-in sales & ability to sell and bundle

    • A supportive team behind you

    • An experienced app development company with good reviews

    • Detailed analytics

    • Deployed on every platform (iOS AND Android)

    White label appWhite label app

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    Best white-label coaching apps

    1. Mighty Pro

    Best app-builder for coaching communities

    Mighty Pro builds white-label coaching apps that bring together content, courses, community, commerce, and live events. On Mighty, you get a full set of features deployed in our flexible Spaces, things like discussion forums, live and pre-recorded courses, virtual events with RSVP, live streaming, content options, member profiles, and more.

    In fact, Mighty is ranked the #1 community management software on G2.

    MN - Graphics - 2024 - Product Apps - Green BCKMN - Graphics - 2024 - Product Apps - Green BCK

    Mighty lets you bundle and sell your coaching, bundling in the features above. You can sell in 135 different currencies, or even monetize with token-gating. Here are a few of the AMAZING results from recent launches:

    • A podcaster and author sold 5,000 seats to a $997 course in 10 days!

    • A health-focused launch to 100 high-ticket members added $40,000 in ARR.

    • One community launched a 13-week add-on course and generated an additional $100k in revenue in 2 months.

    MN - GRaphics - 2024 - App Screens - LiveWellMN - GRaphics - 2024 - App Screens - LiveWell

    Mighty has built apps for TED, Cambridge University, and Drew Binsky. And you’ll work with our team of Account Executives and Community Strategists who have scaled 7-figure creator brands and 8+-figure subscription businesses.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - 2024 - Livestreaming GIFMighty Networks - Graphics - 2024 - Livestreaming GIF

    We work with you every step of the way to make your launch a success and check in with you after on a regular basis, helping you read your analytics and understand what’s working and what isn’t.

    Finally, Mighty is also a leader in community AI, making it RADICALLY EASIER to run your community–in many cases, it only takes a few hours a week. Mighty Co-Host™ can automate course outlines, landing pages, user profiles, and welcome posts.

    And it can spark human connection and creativity with features like icebreakers, “make it better” post editing, and the Infinite Question Generator.

    MN - Graphics - 2024 - FaceExplorer-Mobile-2MN - Graphics - 2024 - FaceExplorer-Mobile-2

    If you’re running your coaching business on an existing platform, we’ll even take care of the migration for you.

    Let us show you what we could build!

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    2024 - Graphics - Video Course2024 - Graphics - Video Course

    Mighty Pro pros and cons


    • Top-rated community platform with features like programs, bundles, private groups, discussion forums, courses, events, livestreaming, chat and messaging, member profiles, and more

    • A ton of ways to generate revenue in 135 currencies. Build bundles to match your business style

    • Scheduling and calendar for group coaching

    • Mighty Co-Host™ AI boosts connection and creativity

    • The Mighty Pro team is your strategy support

    • Experience app-builder with a ton of positive reviews

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    “We Made $100,000 In The First Two Weeks On Mighty Pro" Ashley Fox, Founder - The Wealth Builders Community

    2. Virtuagym

    Good white-label option for fitness coaches

    If your coaching is specifically geared toward personal training, then Virtuagym is an interesting option (if not, jump down the list). Virtuagym is a platform that makes a personal training community accessible, and trainers can use the software to create nutrition tracking, progress marking, and even build-out custom training plans.

    For those personal trainers and fitness coaches looking for a branded fitness app, Virtuagym lets you do things like scheduling sessions, digital coaching, or adding your own discussion forum under your brand.


    Virtuagym pros and cons


    • White-label coaching apps tailored to the fitness industry

    • Manage clients and build custom programs in the app

    • Manage your 1:1 coaching calendar from the app


    • Features are basic and best for coaches with small businesses

    • The community solution is a simple discussion forum (it doesn’t have the content features of Mighty Pro)

    • The UX design is pretty basic

    3. Nudge Coach

    App for online courses and “nudges”

    Nudge Coach is a coaching app with an interesting approach to running a coaching business, focusing on what they call “nudges”. It gives you the option to customize your own coaching programs with video-based lessons and prompts. With its “cards” function, you can create content similar to an existing social media platform, and it's good for daily inspiration and encouragement.

    With messaging features built-in you can keep in touch with clients 1:1, and you can track goals together. All this can be done on a white-label app that reflects your brand.

    Graphics - Nudge CoachGraphics - Nudge Coach

    Nudge pros and cons


    • Cool content options and can create video-based programs

    • Integrated with features for checking progress like feedback and goal tracking

    • A good white-label approach to getting your own app


    • Limited white-label customization

    • Limited community features

    • No community, events, or group features

    4. Disciple

    Alternative community platform with white-labeling

    If you want the benefits of a community, Disciple is another option. It’s a UK-based community software that lets coaches build a community-based business–growing and monetizing their work. It includes features for posting video and text-based content and live streaming. You can gate community access and sell subscriptions, mixing in your community with a 1:1 or group coaching program.

    With some good membership management options to see who’s in your community and what they’re doing, as well as the options to create groups, Disciple could be a good place to build your white-label coaching app.

    However, Disciple has focused on forum and group features but hasn’t yet offered the option to do online courses. If you want to build course-based coaching programs, Mighty Pro might be the better choice.

    Graphics - Disciple homepageGraphics - Disciple homepage

    Disciple pros and cons


    • Good community platform based around a forum

    • Text and video-based content options

    • Member profiles and analytics

    • Monetize with subscription-type memberships


    • No course-options

    • Limited community options

    • No AI features

    5. My PT Hub

    Good fitness coaching app

    There are a lot of coaching apps in the fitness space, so we’ll close out this list with one more. My PT Hub is similar to Virtuagym. It gives you a platform to run a coaching business (and could probably be adapted for different types of coaching). You can create workout programs, track nutrition, and it gives you a lot of options to manage relationships with your clients (messaging, profiles, etc.)

    One interesting bonus of My PT Hub is that it has the option to connect with wearables, making it the only one on this list that could integrate a white-label coaching app with something like a fitness watch.

    My PT Hub is NOT good for those who want coaching communities, and it might be difficult to run a coaching business at scale. But for fitness coaches with a small to medium client list, it’s a great way to get a white-label app with IOT functions.

    My PT HubMy PT Hub

    My PT Hub pros and cons


    • Good, white label fitness coaching app with scheduling, nutrition planning, and goal tracking

    • Customize workout plans and message clients

    • Can be integrated with wearables like a Fitbit or Apple Watch


    • No community or course features

    • No in-app event features

    • Limited scalability & customization

    Ready to start?

    We hope this list has given you some ideas for where to get a white-label coaching app, no matter what type of business you run.

    And if you want to see what you could build with Mighty Pro, come and meet us! We mix a top-rated community platform with a white-label app to give you a one-stop coaching business that can scale to 7 or 8 figures! And our integrated AI features PLUS the support of the Mighty Pro team make it RADICALLY EASIER to launch your course app and get to profitability fast.

    Let us show you what we could build together.

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