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Teachable + Mighty Networks: The Perfect Pairing

Creating an online community for your online course will bring your business to the next level. Using a Mighty Network is the best way to do it.

By Phillip Russell

December 30, 2022

8 min read



    Teachable is a great online course platform for content creators, but one area it struggles with is online community building. When you have an online community for your business, the conversation can continue long after you’ve released your content.

    But if you’re using Teachable, that capability simply isn’t possible. Pairing Teachable and Mighty Networks together, however, is a great way to offer a robust community experience for your business.

    Ahead, we’re unpacking what each platform does well and the benefits of pairing Teachable and Mighty Networks together. Then, we’ll look at how you can transition your online course over to an all-in-one platform like Mighty Networks.

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    The power of using an online community

    Being a member of a community can be one of the most empowering experiences in someone’s life. At the end of the day, a community is simply a group of people who are all passionate about the same thing coming together to accomplish a goal. Sounds pretty great, right?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Livestream Paired Light

    If you’ve been offering online courses for a while now, then you know how hard it can be to foster a sense of community on most online course platforms. If you’re trying to create a sustainable business for yourself as your audience grows, then an online community can be a major help. When you aren’t focused on continually producing content to satiate your supporters, you can focus on creating a great experience for your supporters.

    An online community platform can help you create a network effect. When you create a network effect your community gains additional value with each new person that joins. If you’re only using Teachable, this network effect won’t be possible, but by pairing Teachable and Mighty Networks you can.

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    Benefits of using Teachable

    Teachable is a great online course platform for those who are looking for a highly customizable experience that is easy to use. Their platform has grown in popularity with creators thanks to their “power editor” tool which helps creators build multimedia lectures and live coaching services.

    On Teachable online courses are presented on a marketplace and are discoverable through different categories. This means that your course is searchable in their database which can be a great way to get new eyes on your content.

    Additionally, creators get unlimited access to video bandwidth, unlimited students,  and an unlimited number of online courses you can offer. You can create stylish landing pages and offer paid subscriptions, one-time payments, and even course bundles.

    But Teachable currently doesn’t have a good solution for creators looking to build an online community for their courses. Using Teachable and Mighty Networks together, however, can make that happen.

    Benefits of using Mighty Networks

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Incubator

    Mighty Networks unlocks a new era for independent communities creating and mastering something interesting or important together. Our powerful, all-in-one cultural software platform mixes content, courses, community, and commerce.

    Plus, Mighty offers flexible Spaces with features like forums, courses with pre-recorded or live teaching, live events, live streaming, custom course communities, messaging all members, a ton of content options, plus Q&As.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - MC - Mastermind EventSeries Paired Light

    Communities on Mighty Networks start with a well-designed community space that utilizes your personal branding. From there you can post content in the form of discussion posts, livestream in your network, post recorded videos, polls, and more. Additionally, your Mighty Network is made instantly available across web, iOS, and Android devices so your members can access your community no matter where they are.

    So, if it’s not apparent yet using Teachable and Mighty Networks together is a powerful combination for your business.

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    How to use Teachable and Mighty Networks together

    Pairing Teachable and Mighty Networks together may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but the two platforms complement each other well. Teachable is a good platform for online courses but doesn’t offer creators many options for creating a community for their brand. That’s where Mighty Networks comes in.

    Getting started on the Mighty Networks platform is simple and you can get to building your community in only a few simple steps. But before you start using Teachable and Mighty Networks together take some time to clearly articulate what your community will help your members achieve.

    We call this your community’s Big Purpose. Your Big Purpose is the motivation or reason behind your community. If you’re offering courses on Teachable already, then think about what you and your students can’t accomplish on their platform. How can you achieve that by rallying together in a dedicated community?

    Here’s a short prompt to get you thinking:

    Once you’ve nailed down your community’s Big Purpose, the next step is actually telling your students about the exciting things you’re building. If you’re wondering  what successful businesses are using Teachable and Mighty Networks together, here are two great examples:

    Examples of successful Teachable  and Mighty Network businesses

    Angel Fehr’s Heart-Led Watercolor + Heart-Led Artist Community

    Angela Fehr is an artist specializing in painting that has built a thriving business around teaching online courses on Teachable and offering an online community on Mighty Networks. Fehr’s online courses tackle a wide range of experience levels for people passionate about watercolor painting.

    For her students interested in joining a community filled with others that are passionate about watercolor painting, Fehr created the Heart-Led Artist Community which connects fellow artists together and provides them with exclusive lessons, studio sessions with Angela Fehr, and multiple painting resources.

    Sketchbook Skool + Skoolyard

    Sketchbook Skools has built its business around empowering everyday people interested in art to start their creative journey. They emphasize the importance of teaching people not only the skills to make art, but also the habits one needs to harness their full creativity. Students can take a wide range of online video courses on drawing, painting, digital art, and much more.

    For Sketchbook Skool students who are interested in joining a community, they can join Skoolyard which Sketchbook Skool created on Mighty Networks. Skoolyard is a private social network that supplements the online courses that Sketchbook Skool offers and focuses on providing members exclusive perks, activities, webinars, demos, and even giveaways.

    Challenges of blending Teachable and Mighty Networks

    The biggest challenge for using Teachable and Mighty Networks together isn’t the platforms themselves, it’s communicating to your audience how they can access your content across multiple platforms.

    Once you’ve built your Mighty Network and transitioned your audience over to your community space, you can start trying out new offerings. A few experiences that are worth trying with your members are hosting virtual events, utilizing polls and Q&As. You can also offer paid memberships, and even create online courses.

    If you’re thinking, why would I want to offer an online course on my Mighty Network when I have one on Teachable, then you’ve reached an important crossroads. Why use two platforms when you can use one that does it all?

    While it’s easy to pair Teachable and Mighty Networks together separating your time between multiple platforms is never the ideal solution. A Mighty Network allows you to build an online community, online courses, and virtual events, all under the same roof.

    Let’s unpack the benefits of transitioning over completely from Teachable to Mighty Networks.

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    Connecting online courses and community together on Mighty Networks

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    As we stated above, using Teachable and Mighty Networks together is a great solution if you’re a creator looking to try out building an online community. But eventually, it begs the question, why use two platforms when a Mighty Network can also host online courses?

    But if that isn’t reason enough to make the jump, there are also more practical reasons for using just a Mighty Network as well. First and foremost, you will save money using one platform instead of two. Why? Because you aren’t paying for multiple services and only using some of their services.

    On top of the cost, however, is your members’ user experience. We stated above how communicating to your audience how to join your community or find your online course can be challenging. When your members join your Mighty Network though they are already used to the ecosystem and can easily find your online courses all in one place.

    Another aspect that we pride ourselves on at Mighty Networks is creating a platform that is constantly evolving with as many native features as possible for creators to utilize. When you have all the features you need to build awesome content and experiences for your members in one place, you provide them with a much better experience overall.

    In fact, if you’re interested in a step-by-step guide for transitioning over to a Mighty Network, we’ve got you covered.

    Teachable and Mighty Networks are a great match for any creator looking to build an online course and community experience. But after you’re tried this pairing out, the benefits of fully transitioning to a Mighty Network will become more and more evident.

    On your Mighty Network, you can create an online course, community spaces, livestream, host virtual events, and offer paid memberships. We also have more native features and a better native mobile app experience than any other online community platform out there.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - MC Courses Paired Dark

    If you choose our premium service, Mighty Pro, your brand will be with your members no matter where they are. On Mighty Pro, you get all of the features offered on a Mighty Network in addition to a white-label branded app.

    That means the app you build will utilize your branding across push notifications, events, icons, and more. It will also be directly downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store. Best of all, you can launch your community app in as little as 3 weeks!

    Sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s time to get started building something great.

    Ready to start building your community?

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